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Various writings on historical topics

al-Muqanna al-Kindi the poet المقنع الكندي الشاعر

The Veiled al-Muqanna al-Kindi's name is Muhammad ibn Thufar ibn 'Umair ibn Abi Shammar al-Kindi al-Hadrami محمد بن ظفر بن عمير بن أبي شمر الكندي الحضرمي. A famed poet, died in 70 A.H.

Symbolism: Star of David or Solomon's Seal نجمة داوود و خاتم سليمان

The hexagram, or six sided star is known today as an exclusively Jewish symbol. This has not always been the case though. In this article, we discuss what other faiths and cultures it has represented over the millenia.

Of Violins and Harps

A few weeks ago, a Palestinian violinist trying to cross a West Bank checkpoint was forced to play his violin. The soldier ordered him to "play something sad".

List of Portuguese and Spanish names and their Arabic equivalents أسماء الأشخاص في الأندلس

Researchers of Iberian history often have to consult sources in Arabic and Castillian or Portuguese. Names can be confusing when referencing from one language to the other.

Articles on the history of Muslims and Arabs in the Iberian Peninsula تاريخ المسلمين و العرب في الأند

This is a collection of articles on the history of Arabs and Muslims in the Iberian Peninsula.

Almeida: Dining table of King Solomon? مائدة سليمان

During researching the etymology of various place names in the Iberian penninsula, that have Arabic names, I came across the town of Almeida. This town seems to derive its name from the Arabic word المائدة meaning "the dining table". It is said that it was a relic claimed by Iberian Christians to be the dining table of King Solomon. In this article, I try to collect all historical references on this mysterious relic dining table.

Molokheya: an Egyptian National Dish ملوخية

Molokheya, also known as Jew's Mallow, is one of Egypt's national dishes, as well as other countries in the Middle East region. 

Biography: Ibn Al-Baytar إبن البيطار

Abu Muhammad Dia' al-Din Abdullah ibn Ahmad ibn Al-Baytar al-Maliqial-Andalusi أبو محمد ضياء الدين عبد الله بن أحمد بن البيطار المالقي الأندلسي. (b. 575 A.H./1179 C.E. d. 646 A.H./1248 C.E.). He was a famed physician, herbalist, pharmacist, and botanist.

Abu Bakr Muhammad ibn al-Walid al-Tartushi أبو بكر محمد بن الوليد الطرطوشي

Abu Bakr Muhammad ibn al-Walid ibn Khalaf al-Tartushi أبو بكر محمد بن الوليد بن خلف الطرطوشي (b. 451 A.H./1059 C.E. - d. 520 A.H/1127 C.E.) was a famous jurist originally from Tortosa طرطوشة, in Muslim Spain.

Biography: Abu al-Walid Sulaiman ibn Khalaf al-Baji أبو الوليد سليمان بن خلف الباجي

One of famous Andalusian figure in Muslim Spain is Abu al-Walid Sulaiman ibn Khalaf ibn Saad ibn Ayub al-Tujaibi al-Maliki al-Baji أبو الوليد سليمان بن خلف بن سعد بن أيوب التجيبي الأندلسي الباجي الفقيه المالكي (b. 403 A.H. - d. 474 A.H.). This is a collection of sources on him.