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Gladys Flamer: 103 years old, still driving!

103 years old Gladys Flamer from Coatsville Pennsylvania is one feisty old lady.

Not only does she live alone, but she still drives her 1979 Cadillac Coupe Deville, and runs errands for friends younger than her.

And she turns 104 in 2 weeks. Way to go Gladys!

Mobilicity starts mobile phone service in some Canadian cities

Unlike WINDMobile which operates in the AWS spectrum, Mobilicity operates on the standard frequencies used elsewhere in the world for GSM.

Apple's iPad drawbacks, specially in Canada

It is nice to see the CBC go deep into the iPad and highlight Apple's tight control of the platform. Moreover, they also criticize the disparity between USA data plans and Canadian ones, which much less bandwidth for more cost.

Heat wave in the East, snow in the West

While Ontario suffers a heat wave for three days in a row, Calgary is expecting a snow storm with 10 to 20 cms!

Nader Abou El Leef, a new sensation in Egyptian songs نادر أبو الليف

A new sensation in Egyptian songs is Nader Abou El Leef.

His real name is Nader Anwar Gaber, and he is from Alexandria.

The Arabic Wikipedia has a biography of him and the Egyptian dialect wikipedia has another.

Muslims should participate in the Draw Prophet Muhammad Day

Right after the provocative animated TV show South Park depicted prophet Muhammad in a bear suit, someone started a Facebook group called Everybody Draw Muhammad Day. This echoed far and wide, with Pakistan's court ordering the blocking of Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and other web sites.

Internet Hoax: Facebook to delete inactive users

There are lots of hoaxes floating around on the internet. They are often not propagated by technically savvy people.

However, here is one hoax that comes as a message from Facebook. The sad part is that it was sent to me by a computer engineer.

It claims that Facebook is becoming slow and that the alleged reason is lots of inactive members. If you do not forward it to 15 others, your account will be deleted!

A typical chain letter in the social networking age ...

Yellow warbler

For the first time in 10 years, I saw today an adult male yellow warbler.

Because of the stunningly bright yellow color, I thought at first that it is an American Goldfinch. But moving closer, it was apparent this is different bird. A bit smaller, lacking the bold black marking of the goldfinch, and having prominent streaks on the breast. It was inside a bush, well hidden, and had it not flew from another tree into the nearby bush, I would not have noticed it.

New grey whale sightings in Pacific and Mediterranean

Encouraging news for wildlife and nature enthusiasts.

Grey whales, once hunted to near extinction have appeared in two new places, far apart.

One was in downtown Vancouver, and the other is in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Hope this is a sign of less pollution and that conservation efforts are working.

Military expenditure cuts can keep USA as a world power

This is sad ...

The USA military expenditure, according to 2005 figures is US$ 548,531,000,000 per year.

This is almost 6 times more than the second largest military spender (China).

A simple calculation shows that the US can cut their defense spending by half, and still be at 3 times more than China.

This could balance their budget over the years too, and perhaps cause economic growth as well, while keeping them as the best defended country in the world.