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Justin Bieber: how the internet social media helps new pop stars

From nearby Stratford, Ontario, teen pop singer Justin Bieber has achieved worldwide fame in just one year, becoming a phenomenon.

He can thank the internet as the vehicle that helped him shoot up to stardom.

Dell extolls the virtues of Ubuntu Linux

On Dell's web site, there is an Ubuntu extolling its virtues.

Overall this is very good publicity for Linux, Ubuntu and Open Source, even though I disagree with some wording (e.g. on why Linux is secure).

Here are the highlights

10) Ubuntu is simple and elegant
9) Ubuntu is designed for the Internet
8) Ubuntu is "social from the start"
7) Ubuntu plays videos, songs, and movies easily
6) Ubuntu is secure
5) Ubuntu boots up fast
4) With Ubuntu, you have access to 1,000’s of free software programs
3) Ubuntu with OpenOffice is compatible with Microsoft® Office and Adobe® Acrobat®
2) Ubuntu is based on Linux®
1) Ubuntu comes pre-loaded with select Dell desktop, notebook, and netbook computers

Tim Franks: "This is the Middle East, but it is not the Middle Ages ..."

The BBC Middle East correspondent Tim Franks, reflects on remaining impartial in the Middle East.

He notes the dissociation that most Israelis exhibit to the plight and conflict in the West Bank. Many more observations. A very good read.

The best quote? "This is the Middle East but, no, it is not the Middle Ages".

Is the Flanders/Wallonia divide similar to the Canada/Quebec one?

An Associated Press article about Belgium, Belgians vote on future, united country in doubt drew some parallels of the Quebec separatist movement and their relationship with Canada.

Mobile phone carriers lobby for more balkanization by asking for more "spectrum"

This is misinformation, fearmongering and industry lobbying at its worst.

The Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association (CWTA) is alleging that carriers need more radio waves, because consumers are using more bandwidth and have more connected devices than ever before.

If BP spilled coffee, it would look like this ...

If BP spills coffee in their board room meeting, it would look something like this ...

Nothing about the Gulf Coast Walruses though ...

Alexandria introduces smoking ban in government buildings

Egypt consumes 19 billion cigarettes a year.

Alexandria is the first Egyptian city to ban smoking in government buildings.

The cynic in me sees grumpy government employees getting more grumpy, and not being on their desk for smoke breaks.

But overall, this is long overdue. As someone who can't stand tobacco smoke, I hope this is enforced for the better health of everyone.

Android tablets reach market, provide competition for the iPad

Android tablets are here! This is good, since they will provide competition for the Apple iPad.

Examples are Pandigital Novel and the Dell Streak.

Heat wave contnues in Ontario

Toronto issued a heat alert as temperatures are expected to reach 30C today.