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Mobilicity, another mobile carrier in Canada, is approved by the CRTC

Joining the heels of WIND Mobile, a new company, Mobilicity, will start operations in Spring 2010.

Upgrade to Kubuntu Lucid Lynx 10.04 LTS

I have been a Kubuntu users for many years now.

So, when Kubuntu 10.04 (Lucid Lynx) was released, I took the plunge and upgraded my laptop from Kubuntu 9.10 (Karmic Koala), which I have been running shorty after its release in October 2009. Lucid is an Long Term Support (LTS) release, with security updates for 3 years on the desktop. Hopefully I will be staying with it for at least 2 years and skipping the 6-month releases in between.

This post details what I have found so far on Lucid, whether good or bad.

More Upper Egyptian jokes

صعيدى مسكوه مع شبكة إرهابية قالوا له إيه آخر عملية عملتها ؟
قال البواسير‎

سألوه ليه بتاخد الدواء قبل ميعاده ، قال علشان أفاجئ الجراثيم

حشاش سأل صيدلى : عندك شريط بنادول ؟ قاله : عندى قاله : حطه خلينا نسمع

من لم يمت بحد السيف مات بغيره، تعددت اﻷسباب والموت واحد وما طار طير وارتفع اﻻ وكما طار وقع
" كابتن طيار فى الخطوط الصعيدية " يعلن عن اقلاع طائرنه

جماعة صعايدة سمعوا ان امريكا هتضرب أماكن حساسة فى مصر فاشتروا كلاسين حديد

صعيدى قال لأبوه : رخصة السواجة خلصت يابوى ، قاله : من لفك فى الشوارع طول النهار

صعيدى دخل الجيش اسمه ثابت

Stephen Harper's Conservatives to reintroduce anti-consumer USA-like DMCA legislation

Another bad day for consumers in Canada.

The Conservative minority government is set to revive yet another attempt at implementing US-like DMCA.

See the Globe and Mail: Pending copyright bill to mimic U.S.: Geist, and CBC: Anti-consumer copyright bill on way: expert.

CRTC grants Bell right to usage based billing of customers

The CRTC, the regulator for Canada's telecommunication market, has granted Bell the right to bill customers by usage, i.e. charge more for downloads. This applies to both retail and wholesale customers. Which means that people who bought from smaller providers who use the Bell network as well.

This is bad for Teksavvy, bad for their customers and a bad day for the internet in Canada!

Via the CBC.

Lack of a sense of humor leads to lawsuit from in-laws against comedian

A woman who is of Black and Dutch ancestry marries into a Jewish family. She is a comedian and uses that as fodder for her stand up routine.

Her in-laws file a lawsuit against her!

Luckily, the judge dismisses the suite and says that the first amendment (free speech) guarantees that. He says that what she said is opinion, not facts.

Well done Ms. Judge!

What is interesting is that her husband's law firm was the one defending her! Talk about a family rift ...

Some silly Egyptian jokes

فعلا رخامة ما بعدها رخامة

ليه ابوتريكة بيلبس فانلة 22 ؟
عشان 21 ضيقة عليه
طب ليه مبيلبسش 23؟
عشان فلافيو بيلبس 23

طب ايه هو الحيوان التعيس؟
ليه؟ عشان دايما تخربش ومتكسبش

طب ايه الحيوان اللي بياكل ويشرب بديله؟
كل الحيوانات بتاكل وتشرب بديلها .. عمرك شفت
حيوان ساب ديله وراح ياكل؟

طب ايه اقدم حيوان؟
الحمار الوحشي ..
عشان ابيض واسود

طب ايه هو اجدد حيوان؟
القنفد .. ليه ؟
عشان بشوكه..
والكنغر .. ليه؟
علشان بكيسه

طب ليه التلاجة غبية؟
عشان بتحفظ الاكل
.. مبتفهموش

ايه الشبه بين الجرنان والشمس ؟؟

The arbitrary nature of the Gaza blockade by Israel

The Israeli human rights group, Gisha, has filed a court case against the state of Israel's blockade of Gaza.

Some startling findings include:

  • Cinnamon is permitted, but coriander is forbidden.
  • Tea and coffee are permitted, but chocolate is not.
  • Mineral water is permitted, but fruit juice is forbidden.
  • Canned meat and tuna are permitted, but canned fruit is forbidden.
  • Tahini (Sesame seed paste) is permitted, but jam is forbidden.

Other forbidden goods are childrens' plastic toys, and textiles, among other things ...

Another set of Egyptian jokes

مسطول خد قطة لمراته
قال لها: شايفه القرد
قالت له: دى قطة
قال لها: أنا بأكلم القطة

عجوزة خيروها بين الحج والجواز
وطت راسها مكسوفة
وقالت: هى مكة هاتطير!

واحدة بتعيط إبنها تايه
قابلها واحد قال لها: ماتخافيش ولاد الحلال مابيضيعوش
قالت: يانهار أسود يبقى الواد مش هايرجع

صرصار فى العناية المركزة
بيسأل صرصار جنبه: بيروسول برضه؟
قال له: لأ شبشب

صعيدى اشترى لأمه علبة كبريت
قالت له: مش بتولع
قال: ازاى؟ دا أنا مجربهم عود عود

الواحد لو زهق من الحياة يعمل إيه؟
الجواب: ينقل على دريم

واطى زعل من أمه راح اشترى لها كرتونة لبن

Study shows that Canadians have better life expectancy than Americans

A new study in the USA shows that life expectancy for Canadians is more than in the USA. The study measured health-related quality of life (HRQL). The HRQL for people over 40 years is better in Canada. The health adjusted life expectancy (HALE) for a 19 year old was 2.7 more years in Canada than in the USA.

Two cited reasons are:

a) Universal health care in Canada

b) the higher degree of social inequity in the USA

Here is the abstract, and here is the provisional PDF.