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Converting Cisco Easy VPN .pcf files to Linux vpnc configuration format

Since I use Linux exclusively, and have to interface with clients using various Windows technologies, open standards are an important aspect of our tech-life. For example, we use OpenOffice to read Word/Excel/Powerpoint files, and so on.

One thing that comes infrequently is the need to login to a corporate virtual private network (VPN) that uses Cisco's Easy VPN.



Pakistan floods affect more people than the Haiti Earthquake and the Indian Ocean Tsunami combined

According to this AP article, the U.N. says that the number of people affected by the Pakistan floods of 2010, worse than the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, the 2005 Kashmir earthquake and the 2010 Haiti earthquake combined.

Yet, the coverage in the media is not as big as those events have got, and consequently, less aid is being donated for them.



Calgary downtown parking highest in Canada

Calgary is the 14 priciest city for downtown parking, and the number 1 in Canada! It has reached $453.38 per month!

Even Toronto with all its high cost of living is at $336.25 per month, and Montreal is $280.62.

Back here in Kitchener/Waterloo, it only costs $116.94.

Via CBC.



Canadian mobile market starts seeing effects of increased competition

The mobile market in North America is badly fragmented, due to
different carriers using different technologies (CDMA vs. GSM), different frequencies for different companies (AWS, 2100), and locking of phones to the carrier.

This fragmentation strengthens the stranglehold of the carrier on the customer, who has a higher barrier switching from one company to the other.

Industry lobbyists still call for more balkanization of the market, by adding more frequencies, against standardization.



Canadian Mobile Random Lottery Ballot Draw

This is another scam by mobile SMS text messages, from one Dr Frank, claiming he is contacting the victim on behalf of the Canadian Mobile Random Lottery Ballot Draw.

I had to contact Dr Frank at +447924078012 and email

He send me a SMS so say I had won 1 Million USD at this Canadian Mobile Random Lottery.

Is it true and what must I do to received the money can you please assist me!



Some more Egyptian jokes ...

مين اللى حرر المصريين؟
اللى قفل المروحة

واحده بتسأل شيخ: هى عدة المطلقة إيه؟
Nokia 73قال لها

لو حسيت إن الدنيا ضلمة
إذكر الله.
لو حسيت إنها لسه ضلمة
قوم صلى ركعتين.
ولو حسيت إنها ضلمة
ما تستغباش وقوم ولع النور.

واحد بيعيط فى جنازة مراته
سألوه: بتحبها؟
قال: لأ بس سمعت إن البكا بيعذب الميت.

ثلاثة أندال بيتنافسوا مين أندل واحد فيهم.
لقيوا ست عجوزة ماشيه على عكاز.
الأول: خد العكاز منها فوقعت.
الثانى: خد العكاز وضربها بيه.
الثالث: قعد يضحك سألوه: بتضحك ليه؟



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