My 1997 Linux installation log

Log of my early Linux installation and upgrades. Should beinteresting for the digitalarcheology aspects of it.

Date Time Description
1997-04-15 12:00:00 Installed Slackware 3.0 (Kernel 1.2.xx) on AT&T Globalyst200S (486DX4/100MHz, 20MB RAM, 518MB disk TOSHIBA MK1924FCVw/128kB Cache LBA CHS=526/32/63, 10" Active TFT display. Allis well, except that the disk developed bad sectors every now andthen, and I had to recover by fsck -cin single users.
1997-04-16 12:00:00Lack of CD-ROM is annoying, but I used the Sony Discman withAdaptec SCSI PCMCIA card. It is OK, but sometimes went to sleepfor unknown reasons (maybe power save?) and processes accessingthe CD would hang and cannot be killed. This caused sync to fail,and the only solution is to power off (Aaak!).
1997-04-17 12:00:00 Added Netscape 1.12 from [cousin]. Netscape 3.0 didn't run.
1997-05-1012:00:00Added latest PCMCIA Card Services (2.9.5)
1997-05-1012:00:00Added Xircom driver (alpha), was not yet part of PCMCIA
1997-07-1814:00:00Reinstalled System using RedHat 4.1 (Vanderbilt)
1997-07-1818:00:00Added latest PCMCIA Card Services (2.9.5)
1997-07-1819:00:00Added Xircom driver (alpha)
1997-07-1819:30:00Changed /etc/profile
1997-07-1820:00:00Configured kernel to remove unnecessary stuff and add soundsupport, and APM
1997-07-1910:00:00Loaded my home directory from tape
1997-07-1920:00:00Changed rc.local to prompt for external monitor
1997-07-1920:30:00Created script and, with env vars topoint at them
1997-07-2009:00:00Got a bad block (245784) which caused fsck to fail. Ran fsck -cmanually to mark the block as bad, then reloaded lost files fromtape
1997-07-2015:00:00Keep changing the .fvwm2rc95.* files in my home directory.Can't get the terminal's icon on the upper left corner?
1997-07-2016:30:00Apache httpd is ok for local (in machine) connection, however,requests from remote clients are very slow, with half a minute to1 minute response. Is it IP Firewalling?
1997-07-2111:30:00Need to load: Amaya, a web authoring tool, seyon, xlock, xv,RHSContrib
1997-07-2111:40:00Need to remove un-needed packages
1997-07-2214:19:36Created log utility to use with this file (and others ifneeded)
1997-07-2214:48:53Need to add following apps: dosemu, wine
1997-07-2219:00:34Added to /etc/crontab a command that runs every 5 minutes toset the system time from the CMOS time, so if we go on laptoppower save, the time is updated when we powerup again
1997-07-2513:30:00Installed (or upgraded) the following packages: NetKit-B a2psacm apmd bc cdecl crashme cvs dosemu dump e2fsprogs efax ejectflying freeciv fstool ghostview git gn indent jdk kernel-headerskernel-source lincity linuxthreads lsof lyx magicfilter mbmoonclock mpage mxp nenscript netload open paradise playmidipsacct rxvt samba seyon smbfs snag-o-rama timetool ttcp vimvim-X11 vim-ctags wavplay what wine xantfarm xbill xbmbrowserxdaliclock xdu xearth xevil xfishtank xformat xforms xfsm xgalagaxjewel xless xloadimage xlockmore xmorph xmplay xosview xp xpaintxpdf xphoon xpilot xpinguin xsar xscreensaver xsnow xsysinfo xteaxterm-color xtetris xtrojka xv xwpe xwpe-X11
1997-07-2813:31:34Reloaded kernel source and relinked. Firewall code still in(causes unresolved symbols whne removed). Kernel is now smallerand supports only needed stuff
1997-07-2813:32:22Changed /usr/bin/efax and efix to be set uid so it can createthe required lock file.
1997-07-2813:32:54Tested "fax" and worked OK. Changed the /usr/bin/faxscript to have the correct header
1997-07-2813:33:48Tested LyX word processor. Quite good. It also prints remotelysuccessfully on an lpd printer
1997-07-2813:34:45Compiled cardinfo (part of pcmcia package). Works well with X11
1997-07-2813:36:29Changed /etc/vimrc to add "directory=/var/tmp" sothat .swp file not be created in current directory
1997-07-2814:44:54Fixed the slow response time from httpd, ftpd, telnetd. This isin /etc/nsswitch.conf by adding [NOTFOUND=return] in all lines.The reason was that a NIS+ or NIS call was being done on everycall incoming to log the name of the person. Well I had to revertback by mid-August, since this caused other problems (can'tremember exactly what they are).
1997-07-2821:39:30Removed the /etc/crontab entry to read the CMOS clock and setthe system time every 5 minutes. The apmd installed earlier takescare of this, and reads the system clock
1997-08-0223:23:22Added "fax" as a printer using efax program (as perefax man page). This allows faxing by just printing to a printercalled fax and -J contains the telephone number
1997-08-0223:24:11Added to rc.local use of the "tread" (timed read)command so asking about an external monitor waits fr 5 seconds,then takes a default answer
1997-08-1812:17:40Added TkDesk package - a fantastic Desktop Manager witexcellent quality
1997-09-1021:05:00This is a delayed note. Installed TkZip (rpm Installed "amaya-java" and "Netscape3.01". Upgraded "pcmcia-cs" to version 2.9.7, whichincludes a Xircom driveras part of it.
1997-09-1320:00:00Changed rc.local to call set-location, which displays a menu(adapted from the old "ipconfig" script) then sets allthe TCP/IP parameters (IP Address, Gateway, DNS, ...etc.), setsthe scheme for Card Services (via "cardctl scheme xxx"),then sets the screen type (LCD or CRT) so that X Windows woulddisplay correctly on external or internal monitors.
1997-10-1419:00:00NCR issued to me a new Toshiba 460CDT. This is a Pentium 133MHzwith MMX, 2.1GB disk, 12.1" active TFT LCD display, 32MB ofRAM, and a CD-ROM. I installed RedHat 4.1 on it without problems,using the CD-ROM directly (no need for floppy. This is very nice).The benefits, apart from better speed, larger display, morememory, is that (a) I have a CD-ROM now, no more lugging bulkyexternal CD, and its power supply, and (b) the large disk allowsme to have both Linux and Windows 95 on the same disk. No moredisk swapping!!!
1997-10-1421:00:00I configured XFree86 on the new Toshiba. It can do 800x600which is better than 640x480 on the AT&T Globalyst 200S.
1997-10-1511:00:00To copy my data from the Globalyst 200S, I used a remote tapebackup, done by cpio to a remote server. First I backed up the/etc/fstab (since it contains the partition names for root, swapand windows95, and /etc/lilo.conf (for boot map, ...etc.), and/etc/X11/XF86Config (new Toshiba LCD 12.1"). I then loadedpcmcia-cs-2.9.7 to recognize the Xircom Ethernet card, then did astraight cpio -imud on top of the file system. Then rerun lilo,and reboot. All is well.
1997-10-1616:00:00I tried to use the Resume mode in Toshiba, but it doesn't seemto work with Linux (it was OK on the Globalyst 200S with Fn-REST,and is OK with Windows 95 on the Toshiba). The manual says thatprograms must use BIOS, and that some DOS games bypass the BIOS.So maybe Linux will never successfully use resume mode, since ituses BIOS only to load the kernel.
1997-10-1720:00:00In the /etc/pcmcia/config file, under the section: [ device"xirc2ps_cs" ], I added the clause [opts "card_type=1"]after the module. This forces the AT&T Xircom PerformanceSeries CreditCard to be recognized and work well, just like theXircom CreditCard IIps. This is because the AT&T one iswrongly recognized as a CE3 10/100 card, which doesn't work yet.
1997-10-1721:00:00Sound is not working. I built a new sound.o module, and willtest it.
1997-10-1721:00:00Sound playback of .aud files is now OK. I set the DMAs from thekernels "make menuconfig" to 0 and 6. Recording is notworking though. No errors are recorded by Kernel in/var/log/messages.
1997-10-1817:00:00Changed /etc/lilo.conf to display numbers for labels (1 forlinux, 2 for win95), and added /boot/message file that displays amenu. This provides a better effect instead of the usual "LILOboot"
1997-10-2117:00:00Wrote an apm-suspend script that issues a "card eject"command before doing an "apm -s". This allows the laptopto go to sleep mode, and power on does a good resume. The onlyproblem is that it must be run as root. This solves the 1997-10-16problem of resume not working.
1997-10-2617:15:00Installed uudeview RPM from CD-ROM. This is a uudecode/uuencodeviewer.
1997-11-0418:15:00Installed latest pcmcia-cs package 2.9.11 from Internet. Idon't need the change of 1997-10-17 to /etc/pcmcia/config anymore,since the card works correctly and is recognized correctly as aCE2 10Mbps, not as a CE3 10/100Mbps card
1997-11-0914:00:00Fixed the /etc/conf.modules file so that modules are loadedcorrectly. Previously, /var/log/message reported that thenet-pf-4, net-pf-5, char-major-6 modules could not be found, sothe printer didn't work.
1997-11-1112:00:00Changed the net-backup script to be net-dump. It uses thedump(8) command with level 0 instead of the cpio(1) command. I didthis to (1) learn more about dump, (2) dump has a file directoryupfront in the tape, and doesn't need to read the whole tape tolist files, (3) dump has a nice verify feature (the C option) thatcompares files on tape to files on disk, (4) it is faster thancpio. Drawbacks of dump are (1) cannot cross file systemboundaries, so for example, if I have /usr and /home on separatefiles systems, I have to back them up on other tapes, and the samewould apply to the Windows 95 partition.
1997-12-1220:20:00Changed the apmd daemon to add the following in apmlib.c infunction "apm_suspend": 'system("/sbin/cardctleject"); sleep(5);' which will stop the PCMCIA sockets first,wait for 5 seconds, then does a suspend. This is because even theapmd RPM package claims it does so, it doesn't, so I did this, andit works.
1997-12-1320:00:00Installed Netscape Communicator 4.04, Java Development Kit1.1.3, and Xelfi 0.93. I like all of them!
1997-12-1511:00:00Installed epan Protocol Analyzer. This is a great tool for LANmonitoring, not a Network General Sniffer, but good enough.