On Drupal's Most active developers

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On Drupal's Most active developers

While viewing CVS messages on Drupal's web site, I noticed that my name is up there.

This is the first time I noticed my name being on the list.

I am not sure if this means "badge of honor" or "addiction and obsession".

It means that the Drupal

It means that the Drupal community owes you a buttload of free beers :)

I don't think Khalid will

I don't think Khalid will use the beer in a timely fashion. I propose everyone ELSE drink one in his honour!

Egyptian beverages

Beer? Don't think so.

How about some Egyptian beverages instead?

In summer, something like Carob (خروب locust bean drink), and in winter, salep (سحلب).

-- Khalid Baheyeldin

Sorry pal but i think in

Sorry pal but i think in real live it's the second. From my and other drupal addicts it's certainly the first a Big badge of honor ;)

What it actually means ...

Out of curiosity, I went in to the cvslog module to see what this means.

Turns out that the important part is this:

$interval = 7 * 24 * 60 * 60;
$length = 15;

$result = db_query_range("SELECT COUNT(m.cid) AS count, m.uid, u.name
FROM {cvs_messages} m
INNER JOIN {users} u ON m.uid = u.uid
AND m.uid != 0
AND m.created > %d
GROUP BY m.uid
ORDER BY count DESC", time() - $interval, 0, $length);

So, in summary it checks the last 7 days, counts the number of cvs commits for the users, and sorts them highest to lowest, and gets the highest 15 users.

As usual, this is a "point in time" event.

So, it does not reflect older activity, and is quantitative in nature.
-- Khalid Baheyeldin

i do love your work...

"badge of obsession"


Khalid you deserve all the recognition. Thanks a lot for all your work on Drupal!

Big Contributions

Thanks again Khalid for all of your contributions to the community. A tonne of software, but you are generous with more than your code.