Another scam via Craigslist: offering more than asking price

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Another scam via Craigslist: offering more than asking price

Here is a classic scam from Craigslist.

They offer to buy your item you advertised via classified for more money than you ask for ($375 in my case, he offered $500).

They even give you a bleeding heart story about wife dying in accident.

From: ike derico

Alright,i live in North Georgia United State.Am quite comfortable with the condition of the item since i wont be making any repairs on it,i will like to offer you $500 including packing materials without you paying for any shipping charges b'cos i already have an account with FedEx,i would have loved to make the payment in cash and carry but we are not in the same state so i will like to go ahead with the payment by sending you a Money Order But i will need your contact infomation in which the money will be deliver ok.I wonna buy this [item name] for my step son to fulfill the promise his mum made before she died,i lost my lovely wife to an auto accident on 29th of June 2005 and since then i and her step son john have been living seperately and i want to buy this item for him because his mom promised him before death took her away from us and i think with this i and tobi can live as a family. Kindly get back to me immediately you receive my e-mail and i will like you to take it off craigslist for auction cos am serious in buying it.So let me have your full infomation ofr pyment to be made....

Best Regards.


Note how they can't pick up proper English names? I got another from 'ortega hanson'.

craigslist scams

Hi, I recieved an offer to purchase my boat motor for 1000.00 and got an offer from a person just like the ones I see on here offering more money for the item and send them the excess back by western union. I recieved a check by Fed Ex today for 4500.00. I have done some research on the bank and company that the check was issued on. I am calling them in the morning to expose these scammers. I will post further info as AI recieve it for people to be aware of these scammers.

email scams form for sale ads

I got an e-mail from olex2077131643. they want your information but yet they will not give you any of theirs such as even a phone #, They make an excuse that they are in a remote area on a job but yet, they can send an e-mail. Go figure

Berry Williams SCAM!

This is what that fuck emailed me to try and rip me off, the only thing i dont understand is how he intended to make a profit?.... Only deal with locals when using craigslist and always do business in person...

Hello ,
Thanks for your response, I really do appreciate it, Well Everything sounds well and I guess that the Item is in Good condition and I am okay with the price $2,000 and I will be willing to offer you $2,100 for it. So, I would want you to keep all other buyer's off and also delete the advert from the website. Concerning payment my colleague in my hometown will issue you a certified check, since i am not home to do that for now. FOR CONVENIENT AND EASY TRANSACTION,I HAVE A SHIPPING COMPANY THAT WOULD BE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE PICK UP as soon as you receive payment for the Item.I will therefore need the following

information of you to forward to my client before he sends payment.

NAME IN FULL........


ZIP CODE.......


I await your urgent response.



I think all of those are the

I think all of those are the same person because almost everything is worded the same, and i got one just like that. They are also all gmail acounts with a number after the name... the person who wants to buy my item email is

what happens when you cash

what happens when you cash the check and the bank finds out? can you keep the money if they gave you cash? or do you have to pay it back. I'm gonna screw who ever is trying to screw me.

Mrs. Mary Clinton is at it

Mrs. Mary Clinton is at it again. On May 12, 2010, "She" promised $50 over sales price to "hold" the Criagslist item for her. Asked us to deposit her check, and advise when cleared and she would pick up the item. Advised next day of a "tragic family situation", and a mistake in sending us the wrong amount on the check: "please deposit the check, keep your portion, and wire me the rest of the money, so I can pay my large medical bills".

Honest, Trusting people beware....

Watch out for Mel OR Ash

Watch out for Mel OR Ash

This was the conversation:
Thanks for your response to my inquiry. Am interested
in buying. I would have loved to come check it out
myself but i am
presently on vacation with my husband. I would love
some surprise
changes and replacements in my husband's studio,
ready on our return,
that is actually why i am buying it. Please withdraw the
advert from
craigslist as I wouldn't mind adding $20 for you to take
it down, so
that I can be assured that the item is held for me. I believe it is in
good condition as you stated. I will be making payment
via Certified Check, which my secretary will mail across to you, once
i have your full name and physical address. I'll be picking the item
from you with
the aid of a mover. My Mover will be coming to pick it
from you when it is most suitable for you and when you have the
Certified Check.
Best wishes.

rental scam?

I've been in contact with a Pastor, whom lived in north Vancouver, bc, canada, who is renting out a 2bedroom condo, at 800 a month. nontheless, i think this is a scam. dont know for sure. They say they're doing missionary work (in Lagos, Nigeria) so i am being extremely wary about this. plus they say i'd have to pay rent through the western union money transfer thing...
and to think she, and he her husband, are both pastors.
even says that her husband would be coming home in 6 months time to check up on the place.
so is this person trying to scam me, or are they genuine???

craigs list spam scammers

Better yet people...when you get one of these bogus pieces of crap yourself a boat load of wasted time and just kick them to the SPAM folder,,,and move on...don't think about it again till you get the next one from Craigs List..

To analyze and pull an autopsy on these emailers is ludicrous...think of them as "chain letters"...everyone has got one in their life at one time...and what deleted the damn thing and never looked back...

and for those dumb enough to actually fall into this circus act of spamville..then I fear greatly for your future and your ability to have common sense...and possibly may need supervision from here on out...

I know scams... they didnt fool me for a minute.

I posted an X Box 360 on craigslist with several games and a hard drive for $300. Titled "X Box 360 Arcade with games" I knew it was comin, sure enough the first 2 e-mails
were scams. This one from, Greetings,Am Mishayla Gordon thank you for your quick response to my e-mail for the X Box 360 Arcade with games as I am interested in this item and would like to do business with you right away, so I would like for you to remove the ad immediatly. (idiot) I know your asking price is $300 but I would like to pay $500, (idiot) I know it may sound strange but it is to cover the insurance for my delivery service that will be on there way to pick up the item as soon as I get a transaction to you. I can not do it myself as I am located in Hamilton, Canada. This person then asked for my name, phone number, a physical address and then displayed their pay pal account address. Here was the rest of the msg... I will give you the address of where to send the X Box 360 Arcade with games, it is located in South Africa I am buying this for my honorable daughter who is on resort, I know she will be happy to recieve this X Box 360 Arcade with games. So please get back with me asap. thank you, regards. I replied with this, Well I appreciate your intrest but regret to inform you that I didnt believe a sigle bit of that, but great effort moron. you have managed to waste several minutes of my life that I will never get back. And for $500 your daughter better be hot. Then I blocked them. I sent that msg because exactly 3 minutes before that e-mail I recieved one from and IT WAS THE EXACT SAME MSG.