FolderSync: an Android app that can sync your photos over SFTP

Manually copying the photos you take using your phone can be a tedious task. You need to find the time, connect the cable, find the last photo that you synced, and sync everything after it.

However, there is a useful and automated solution: the FolderSync Lite app.

This app is targeted towards cloud storage services, including several popular ones, such as Amazon S3, DropBox, Google Drive and UbuntuOne.

However, it also provides support for SFTP, which means you can sync to any server that has SSH enabled, be it local in your home or office, or remote somewhere over the internet.

You start by installing the app, then creating an Account of type SFTP. and enter the server hostname and/or IP address, user name, password and port.

Then you create a Folder Pair mapping your local camera folder to a remote folder on your server.

Set it up to sync only over WiFi, and only when the phone is charging.

The rest is automatic. It will take a lot of time the first time it syncs, but afterwards, it will only sync the new photos/videos that you take.