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Two Canadian educational web sites on Astronomy and Space


I ran across two Canadian educational web site, closely related.CASCA Education has nice background articles on Astronomy, specially in Canadian history, as well as modern famous Canadian astronomers. SpaceNow focuses on Space and has articles ranging from the Space Elevator to Human Mars Exploration.

Symbolism in Lewis Carroll's 'Trial of the Knave and The Queen of Hearts'


In Alice in Wonderland, Lewis Carroll always made thinly masked critiques of the Victorian age he was living in. Once such criticism is the Knave's trial and the Queen of Hearts attitude: sham trials with guilt being pre-determined.The Knave of Hearts is accused of allegedly stealing the Queen of Hearts' tarts, where in fact it was Alice who did so. The Queen of Hearts had made up her mind and wanted the Knave to be beheaded.A trial is set, but it is only a sham trial.

Symbolism in Lewis Carroll's 'The Walrus and the Carpenter'


Children stories often carry a moral message. This is not a new thing, and has been the case since millennia and across many cultures around the globe.

Sometimes, the moral story is not direct, and indeed can be very deep,and sometimes it is enveloped in satire or even cynicist philosophy.

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