Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is where I lived and worked for over a decade

Saudi Arabia's oil fuelled economic boom causes inflation and disparity


Just like Egypt is having an economic boom that leaves out the poor, Reuters has an article describing consumerism in Saudi Arabia caused by the rise of oil prices from $10 per barrel to $100 in less than a decade.

As the rich get richer, the gap between them and the poor widens, and inflation takes its toll on them the most.

Desert Truffles الكمأة - الفقع - خلاسي - زبيدي


Desert truffles are an unusual desert crop related to European truffles, found in France and Italy. It can be found in North Africa from Morocco to Egypt, and in Syria, and Arabia.

Names and History

Its classical name is Kama' كمأ - كمأة but today is known as faqa' فقع or by the local variants zubaydi زبيدي -khalasi خلاسي in Arabia, to terfas in Egypt, and terfezia in Morocco.

They have been said to be served for Pharoahs, as well as Fatimid rules from the Muqattam mountain.

It has been known to Arabs for millenia, since the prophet is reported to have said: "Kama' is from manna, and its water is a cure for the [diseases of the] eye". 


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