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Computer Downtime Due To Leaky Capacitors On Dell GX270


I have been use a Dell Optiplex GX270 at work for almost 2 years now. This has been a very stable machine, powered on 24x7.

Last week, the machine just shut itself off by itself. After powering it on, the colors on the monitor were off (no greens nor yellows). I notice that if you wiggle the monitor cable the colors will change, although the green/yellow will never reappear. The machine has an nVidia video card with DVI output, and a connector for DVI to VGA.

After calling Dell, they said they are going to send the video card and "cable". Overnight, the machine powered itself again. And then again every night afterwards. Then it would only stay powered to the login screen only, then power off.

Seraphim Proudleduck Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Contest


Several search engine optimization (SEO) contests have been done recently. The contest is fairly simple: they select an uncommon phrase that contains some nonesense word. Whichever site shows up on top after the contest period is over, is the winner.I first learned about that with the phrase Nigritude Ultramarine.

Search Engines: Highly ranked pages on this web site


When reviewing the web server logs a few days ago, I noticed that I get a lot of traffic via search engines, like Google, MSN, Dogpile, Yahoo, Mamma, and others.

I was amused to find that some of the pages on this web site were ranked very high, without me intending them to be so.

Here is a list of highly ranked pages, at the time of writing this article (July 2004).

Why tapes are still the most efficient backup method?


For businesses it is obvious that the vast amount of data (at the time of writing this, tens and hundreds of gigabytes, if not terabytes) make high capacity tapes the medium of choice for backup.

Large data centers cannot live without tape libraries AND offsite tape storage and rotation, to cover against the case of a disaster.

Believe it or not, tape drives are also the best backup for a home system as well.

Windows Problems


Microsoft Windows is not a stable nor a secure Operating System.


If you want a quick test, then click here to crash Windows!


Several incidents have demonstrated that Microsoft products in general are notbuilt with security in mind. I think that the best explanation for this stemsfrom the single-user/single-computer mentality that MS-DOS started with. Thispropagated to Windows 3.x and then Windows 9x.

Regardless of what the cause is, this leaves us with a system where any program

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