Act TODAY: Drupal Association Elections: application deadline is February 10


Are you passionate about Drupal?

Would you like to volunteer for the Drupal Association?

Do you have skills that can help promote Drupal in new frontiers? Help organize events locally, regionally and globally?

If you answer yes to all the above, then the association is holding its second annual elections shortly. The deadline for applications is one day away. Applications are due by end of day tomorrow (February 10, 2009).

Drupal Association Election results


If you were not aware of it, there was a Drupal Association election today, and the results are out.

To simplify things, and provide some background, the Drupal Association is the non-profit body that is equivalent to a Foundation in other open source projects. It is composed of so called "Permanent Members (PM)", who as a whole are known as the General Assembly (GA). The GA elects Board Members (BM) among them to form the Board of Directors of Drupal.

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