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Lack of a sense of humor leads to lawsuit from in-laws against comedian


A woman who is of Black and Dutch ancestry marries into a Jewish family. She is a comedian and uses that as fodder for her stand up routine.

Her in-laws file a lawsuit against her!

Luckily, the judge dismisses the suite and says that the first amendment (free speech) guarantees that. He says that what she said is opinion, not facts.

Well done Ms. Judge!

What is interesting is that her husband's law firm was the one defending her! Talk about a family rift ...

"Work smarter, not harder ..."


"Work smarter, not harder" is something that sounds good, but in reality it is often a hollow sentence with no substance in it. In the corporate world, when a manager informs his team of staff cuts, while the workload is the same or more, "smarter" does not mean anything other than "do more with less". If this "working smarter" was tangible and doable, then why was it not employed before the staff cuts? Huh?

Here is a Dilbert comic lampooning this misused non-wisdom ...

The best Drupal joke ever ...


I ran into a humorous page on Facebook on Abdel Karim Mardini that his ex-colleagues at Open Craft setup as a practical joke. It is so funny, I can't convey the full meaning of all the Arabic jokes, but the gist of it is that it portrays Abdel Karim as a reformer, spiritual leader, ...etc.

Here is a Drupal gem:

تلخيص الدروبال ثيم، لتخليص آكلي البرسيم

زوجة الأسد حاصلة على بكالوريوس


حديقة الحيوانات بمصر

يحكى أن فتاة اسمها ثناء حاصلة على بكالوريوس تجارة 1998 ظلت لعدة سنوات تبحث عن عمل دون جدوى
فأشار عليها أحد أقاربها بالذهاب معه لمقابلة مسئول يعمل بحديقة الحيوان ليسأله عن عمل مناسب لها
فاعتذر لهم المسئول ولكنه بعد تفكير قال لثناء أن زوجة الأسد ماتت وأن الحديقة لن تأتى بأخرى الا بعد شهور بسبب الإجراءات الروتينية
وعرض عليها أن ترتدي جلد زوجة الأسد وتجلس في القفص مكانها يوميا من الساعة الـ 9صباحا حتى الساعة الـ 2 ظهرا لقاء مرتب جيد
وطمأنها أن الأسد في قفص ملاصق لها وان بينهما باب مغلق وظلت ثناء على هذا الوضع لمدة شهر

Humor within Drupal: crickets ...


Humor within the Drupal community never ceases to amaze me.

Today, while the Durpal Association was having a Board Meeting in IRC this nugget was in the discussion

[2009-02-12 13:45] <J> ANY LAST QUESTIONS?
[2009-02-12 13:45] <J> 60 seconds
[2009-02-12 13:45] <J> 50 seconds
[2009-02-12 13:45] * J hears crickets
[2009-02-12 13:45] <J> 30 seconds
[2009-02-12 13:45] * L steps on one of the crickets.
[2009-02-12 13:46] * M chirps

Made me chuckle ...

Drupal, kittens and other extinct felines ...


So, for those who follow code commits, you may have seen this already. For others, here are some fresh commits from Dries ...

First, we have this:

Patch #310212 by justinrandell, catch, et all: killed  in _user hook, as well as two small kittens.

It should have said "killed $op in _user hook". Poor kittens ...

Then we have this:

Patch #310212 by justinrandell: killed  in _node hook, as well as twelve sable tooth tigers.


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