English Girls College in Alexandria, Egypt

Impressed: the Italian doctor who speaks and reads Arabic!


Over the past few weeks, I reconnected with people I have not seen in many decades from EGC. I had a chat with Patrizia Amante (Grand Kayman), Karim Abdel Hadi (Alexandria), Gianpiero Gelato (Italy), Samar Mamoun (Germany), Nayera Mokhless (Kuwait), Zeinab (Yeldez) Murad (Alexandria), and Mohamed Tawfik Elgayar (New York).

This is the part that impressed me when I was chatting with Gianpiero:

Khalid: Do you still speak Arabic, or forgot it?

Abdel Aziz Salem


This is a photo of Abdel Aziz Salem (known as Zizo in school). Aziz has been living in Dubai, UAE since 1990, working as an investment banker.

Zizo and Magdy El Rayes were inseparable in El Nasereya High School. They even developed their own peculiar "lingo" and imitation of teachers: Abshihi for Arabic, and  the science guy (forgot his name, used to write poetry) when he was gesturing with his hand on how fish swim.

Aziz Salem

Yassin Mansour

Yassin Mansour is head of the Mansour group and and Mansour and Maghrabi Investment Company, among others. His group owns several large businesses including automotive (Chevrolet), fast food (McDonalds), banking (Credit Agricole), and others.Yassin and myself were in the same grade and classmates in 2nd preparatory. 



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