Reunion of EGC boys from class of 1975

This is a picture from a reunion of some EGC boys who left in 1975.

Left to right: Mahmoud El Gamal, me, Hani El Menoufi, Abdel Hamid Kassem (non-EGC), Ehab El Habbak, Amr El Souefi, Akram El Nakeeb.



I miss you all guys and girls

i see pictures and Akram Al Naguib is there, how is he doing. Magdy El Rayes I see often when i visit KSA. Mohamed El Hakee i see also in Egypt. Nidal Akkad is here with me in Dubai.
Come on i need to communicate with all the EGC friends!!!!

where are the old school friends

hello everyone there, I would love to hear from my school colleagues!!! I am intouch with Mohamed El Melligi, Magdy El Rayes and MOhamed Tawfiq!!! email me....