An Open Source Content Management System (CMS)

Drupal - an Open Source Content Management System (CMS)


In summer of 2003, I started looking for a Content Management System that would help make the task of putting content on my web sites easier, and less time consuming.

This was long and onging journey, starting with me being a user, then developer, then contributer to the Drupal project, and on occasions among the top 2 or top 10 contributors to the project.

Read below for how the journey started.

DrupalCon San Francisco 2010, the trip and core summit


Since I was flying from Toronto to DrupalCon San Francisco 2010, the US passport control and customs were in the airport before flying.

As usual, I ticked all the vegetables (baby carrots, produce of the USA!), and meat (chicken sandwich), just in case ...

The conversation with the lady went like this:
Me: "Good afternoon ..."
Her: "Passport and boarding pass please ..."
Her: "Where are you going?"
Me: "San Francisco, for a conference"
Her: "What type of conference?"
Me: "DrupalCon, it is web content management software"?

University of Waterloo chooses Drupal!


In 2008, the University of Waterloo formed a committee to select a web content management system.

In March 2009, the selection was narrowed down to three CMS's, Drupal being the only Open Source one of them. The other two being RedDot by Open Text (a company headquarted locally in Waterloo), and Cascade Server by Hannon Hill.

Later RedDot was selected as the CMS of choice.

TrendMicro OfficeScan reports a false positive Trojan for Drupal 6.x


The Drupal security team receives reports of all sorts all the time.

Some of them are false positives by security scanning software.

Today we got a report about a Trojan being detected in Drupal 6.10 and 6.13 by TrendMicro OfficeScan version 10, in the following files:

modules/color/color.install - BQDR_IRCBOT.BZQ
modules/profile/profile-wrapper.tpl.php - TROJ_SWIZZOR.KXV
modules/translation/translation.module - TROJ_FRAUDLO.LL

DUG Waterloo: Stephane Corlosquet on Drupal, the Semantic Web and RDF


Stephane Corlosquet (scor) is back from the RDF in Drupal 7 code sprint.

He has kindly agreed to present to the Waterloo Region Drupal Users Group. He will tell us about the exciting things that were done in Drupal 7, and how this can change the landscape on the web.

More info at: Drupal, the Semantic Web and RDF.

Ubuntu using Drupal "distro" for local communities (LoCo)


Here is yet another example of Drupal being used as the basis of a custom "distro".

Ubuntu now has UbuntuDrupal which is used for the LoCo's (Local Communities).

Its original aim is to make Drupal easier to setup (which they describe as "painful") and run for these communities. They say that it has grown to be a "general development suite".


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