University of Waterloo chooses Drupal!

In 2008, the University of Waterloo formed a committee to select a web content management system.

In March 2009, the selection was narrowed down to three CMS's, Drupal being the only Open Source one of them. The other two being RedDot by Open Text (a company headquarted locally in Waterloo), and Cascade Server by Hannon Hill.

Later RedDot was selected as the CMS of choice.

However, when the team was sent for training on the the product, they found that it lacks certain things.

So in February 2010, the decision was revisited, and Drupal was selected as the platform of choice for centrally supported web site creation tool within the University of Waterloo!

Here is the full project charter document.

The University of Waterloo joins the nearby University of Guelph who recently chose Drupal as the platform of choice as well.

Over the coming months, we will be hearing directly from members of the respective teams at Waterloo and Guelph about their experience with using Drupal. Watch the Waterloo Region Drupal Users Group for announcements.



Many many Canadian universities

Yes, many Canadian universities already switched: U PEI, U of Windsor, U of Guelph and U of Calgary.

Many on their way, such as McGill and U Waterloo.

More to come for sure ...

The Waterloo Region District

The Waterloo Region District School Board is also in the process of moving all its websites to a mix of Drupal and WordPress. The Board's main site is already running on Drupal.

Great to hear

A while ago, I noticed that SJAM's site was done in Drupal. Then a month or so ago I noticed that the main board site is Drupal.

Great to hear that it is official.

Can you please attend one of our meetings in Kitchener and see if you can do a talk on why Drupal was chosen, what things you liked, what you think can be better, ...etc.

We'd love to come out. I

We'd love to come out. I meant to make it out last time, but the timing didn't work for me. I've joined the group over at d.o and I'll keep an eye on things there.

More information ...

In the March 4, 2010 bulletin of UW Daily News, there is tidbit:

There’s been a change in plans for the Web Content Management System project, which has been under way for some months involving information technology people from across campus. Its goal: to implement new software that will make it easier to maintain UW’s hundreds of thousands of web pages using regular web browsers. As announced last summer, the project was to be based on Red Dot, a software product from locally based Open Text Corp., which would replace software now in use such as Contribute and DreamWeaver. But Alan George, associate provost (information systems and technology), has now announced that rather than Red Dot, the new CMS for Waterloo will be based on an open-source software system called Drupal. (As Wikipedia explains, Drupal “is used as a back-end system for many different types of websites, ranging from small personal blogs to large corporate and political sites”.) Says George: “Over the past six months or so we have thoroughly investigated the Open Text product and Drupal. There have been some pilot implementations using Drupal on campus, and UW sent 20-plus people to courses offered by Open Text. These efforts revealed a large amount of information about the characteristics, capabilities and limitations of each of the systems. The project team has concluded that Drupal is a better fit for UW’s needs.” He hastens to add: “This is not a reflection in any way on Open Text’s product.”

Excuse me?

“This is not a reflection in any way on Open Text’s product.”

What a joke! The university sent 20-plus people to training for the product and then decided to do a 180 and switch to Drupal. How is that not a reflection of the product?