Abdel Aziz Salem


This is a photo of Abdel Aziz Salem (known as Zizo in school). Aziz has been living in Dubai, UAE since 1990, working as an investment banker.

Zizo and Magdy El Rayes were inseparable in El Nasereya High School. They even developed their own peculiar "lingo" and imitation of teachers: Abshihi for Arabic, and  the science guy (forgot his name, used to write poetry) when he was gesturing with his hand on how fish swim.

Aziz Salem

Ziad Elmously


Ziad Elmously briefly attended E.G.C. , moving in third grade to E.B.S. He later went to the Faculty of Engineering, in Architecture.He is now in the USA, and works for a multi-national market research company, Taylor Nelson SOFTRES Intersearch as a statistical consultant.  He does considerable work for clients in the IT industry. See how Ziad looked like in 1968

Mohamed El Meligui


Mohamed El Meligui was a soccer fan in E.G.C., just like Magdy El Rayyes, and Yasin Mansour.His physique helped with this, being tall and well built.He worked in McDonalds franchise in Egypt, when they started opening branches there. Later, he moved to the  USA, working in McDonalds in New York, and then in California.Recently, he works in Bank of America in the Los Angeles suburb of San Bernadrino.See how Mohamed looked in 1968

Mohamed Tawfik El Gayar


Mohamed's nickname in school was "Toffee", derived from the Tawfik in his name.Mohamed was good in sports, and was a serious swimmer in high school and beyond. He graduated in commerce, and now lives in New York. He got an MBA from New York in 1988, and passed New York State CPA exam in 1992.Then he decided to start his own business, and now runs a company that specializes in Organic Cotton products, called sckoon. His wife is from Japan, and he has one daughter.See how Mohamed looked in 1966

Magdy Sabry Tawfik El Guendy (1961-2004)


Magdy was my classmate in E.G.C. from kindergarten to grade 9 (3rd preparatory), then in El Nassereya for High School, then in University at the College of Pharmacy. He was the only one who was with me for the entire span of 17 years of education.Magdy came from a relatively wealthy Christian Coptic family. They own the Sabry pharmacy in Rushdy, Alexandria, as well as several other ventures over the years, including such factories as Handy Tissue and Paper, and others. As a youngster, Magdy was fiesty, and sometimes hyperactive. I remember he once got into trouble in the first year of high school because he punched someone who pushed him while going up the stairs to class. He used to drive hard too. One time, I was with him in a red Volkswagen Golf he had while in university, and he went to the other lane (between Sidi Gaber and Mostafa Kamel) where a bus was coming directly at us. He accelerated so hard and we made it to safetly.

Hazem Ashraf Sakr


Hazem was my classmate for 9 years at E.G.C. We were in the same class in our last year before leaving that school. We always bickered and fought for various reasons.Hazem's father was the dealer for Texas Instruments computers, and had a data center in Glym. Hazem pursued a degree in Computers at Alexandria University.He now works for the World Health Organization (WHO), East Mediterranean Regional Office (EMRO) as a Technical Assistant for Health Information and Communication.You can visit his web site which focuses on the ex-Royal Family of Egypt, which is somehow tied to Hazem, as well as some stuff of Golf, Cigars and Travel. Hazem is also interested in his own genealogy.

Dr. Ahmed Fahmy


Ahmed Ezz El Din Fahmy was initially in my same class in E.G.C., but later moved to another school (E.B.S. I think). His nickname was MeeshoBy the time we were in High School, we were in the same school again, El Nassereya in Bakos. He remembers that I fixed his fishing rod one day. I have no memory of that incident myself, but I did go fishing at Glym beach in High School, and we may have done so together. By coincidence, it turns out that his mother and my mother were classmates too, and his mother is friends with my aunt to this day.

Dr. Khaled Mounir Mostafa El Gharabawy


Khaled Mounir was one of my classmates from kindergarten to grade 9 at E.G.C. We were the only two Khaled's in our grade, and we were in the same class most of the time. Following his father's footsteps, he specialized in Ophthalmology and is an eye surgeon at El Mowasa Hospital in Alexandria, and the head of the department there. He also has a private practice.I have not seen Khaled for about 20 years, apart from running into him by accident in a gas station in Alexandria many years ago. He visited me in Summer 2005 while I was on vacation in Egypt. What is interesting is that he ran across my web site by accident, and

Dr. Magdy El Rayes


Magdy El Rayes was one of classmates from kindergarten all the way to the end of High School.Magdy used to be a master soccer player, able to take the ball from one end to the goal of the opposing team with great skill.  He has a Ph.D in welding technology, is a faculty member at Alexandria University, College of Engineering, and teaches at King Saud University in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

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