E.G.C. Class Photos from the 1960s

This web page has several photos from the E.G.C. (El Nasr Chatby College or E.C.C.) from the 1960s. Can you identify anyone there?

The photo below are from the E.G.C. class of 1966!
Click on the picture for a larger view.

Left to Right. Unknown persons are marked by a - sign. Those that we are not sure of are identified by (?) following their name. Nicknames are enclosed by ()

  • Bottom Row:
    -, Magdi Sabry Guendy, -, Essam Abbas, Mohga, Mostafa Asfour, -, Ehab Soliman, - (Out of Uniform), Manal Salama, Magdy El Rayes
  • Middle Row:
    -, -, -, Shahira El Domyati, -, -, -, Alaa Kandil, Nihal Leheita, Khalid Baheyeldin, Seham El Habbak, Maha Gaballa
  • Top Row:
    Islam, Mohamed Tawfik Elgayar, Ihab Beshai (?)?, Mohamed El Hake3, Abdel Aziz Salem (Zizo), Samar Mamoun, Adel Mekki, Hemmat Moustafa, Maysa El Toueissy

Left: unknown. Right: Nawal El Domiaty.

The photo below is from the E.G.C. class of 1968! Click on the picture for a larger view.

(Click here for a larger picture)
  • Bottom Row:
    Khalid Baheyeldin, Ihab Soliman, Hisham Haseeb, Ahmed Fahmy, Magdy Sabry, Mohamed El Meligui, Mostafa Kaboudan, Essam Abbas, Magdy El Rayes, Adel Mekki, Ziad Elmously
  • Second Row:
    Hala Maksoud, Amr El Souefi, -, Amal ?, Lobna El Eshmawy, Seham El Habbak, Zeinab Mourad, Magi Eskandar, Gihan ?, Maha Gaballah, Safa El Hagry, Hazem Sakr
  • Third Row:
    Hadya El Helw, Yeldez El Sharoudy , Samar Maamoon , Nehad Aboul Fadl, Hala Farid, Nayera Mokhles /( or is she Shahira El Domiaty) /, Hoda Elwan, Randa Sobhi, Safaa Weheba, Hanaa ?
  • Fourth Row:
    Nagwa Anawaty, , Hemmat Moustafa, Zahraa ?, Hala Hosny, -, Jeylan Azab , -, Azza Hegab, Khaled Mounir El Gharabawy
  • Fifth Row:
    May Weheba, Kagwa ?, Patricia Amante, -, -, Hashem (?)

Note: May & Safaa Weheba are cousins and not sisters !

Left bottom: Miss Trandeel, Left top: Mrs. Sameeha, Right bottom: (unknown) Right top: Miss Poppy.



I remember a lot of the

I remember a lot of the people in these pics as far as names ,but cant match the faces to the name:( my name is rola.

hi i am an EGC student in

hi i am an EGC student in middle 2.i like to know all about the past of my second home.(EGC)

EGC old days

Are you Rola Darweesh??????!!!!!! that was a loooooooooooooong time ago but i can still remember the name & the face ....but r u in these photos ?...do u remember any faces or can link faces to any names ? if so ..try to connect with us , it was a great reunion & we all missed a lot of people there ..

Picture too small

Khaled, I find this picture very interesting because although I knew only couple of persons in it from school, I subsequently got to know about 8 more through work or common friends. Of course I base my comment on the list of names not the faces because the picture is too small. Maybe you should remove the frame (if you have a limit on picture size).

Hi old mates

It is so nice to see those pictures of the good old days. I am living in Dubai since 1990 and working in the investment banking. I am married and have 2 kids. If any one remembers me email me please.

i am in that school in

i am in that school in elnasr girls colledge
its a great school but the most wonderful head of school was mrs an3aam el dafarawy but she has gone since then the sport day wasnt so great the garden is yallow not so green no one cares about it ...

i am in that school too and

i am in that school too and i find it great and mrs amina el dib is the best head of school and they might make alot of improvments


I m proud of this school .

I saw Mrs. Ann Khalfallah and Mrs. Attya ( i was in the Nursery ) . What is written about them is true. Uniform is uniform .

Poor my school these days!!!!!!!

I have a girl and I m searching for a school like EGC I can not find. It was a very nice organization.

Now days girls are not girls , parents are different.

I hope EGC return back as it was ....how i do not know