Dr. Ahmed Fahmy

Ahmed Ezz El Din Fahmy was initially in my same class in E.G.C., but later moved to another school (E.B.S. I think). His nickname was MeeshoBy the time we were in High School, we were in the same school again, El Nassereya in Bakos. He remembers that I fixed his fishing rod one day. I have no memory of that incident myself, but I did go fishing at Glym beach in High School, and we may have done so together. By coincidence, it turns out that his mother and my mother were classmates too, and his mother is friends with my aunt to this day. Ahmed ran across my web site by searching Google for his own name, and sent me an email!He specializes in liver transplants, and teaches at New York School of Medicine. See how he was like in 1968!



Doctor Fahmy

If you are speaking of Doctor Fahmy from NYU Transplant team, I will tell you, he is a wonderful man. He gave my brother-in-law a new liver and saved his life. We love this man for what he has done. He is our hero. He is an angel.

Oh yes he is the one, I am

Oh yes he is the one, I am an old school mate as well as a fellow doctor, that was at the stage of residency years ago, but, for sure, a lifelong friend.

I submitted a recent photo of Fahmy and this has to be added by the respectful keeper of this website.

Regards to all

Khaled's page

Khaled Mounir is another friend, and has his own page among my friends.

Regarding the photo of Ahmed, I sent it to him asking permission to publish it, but it seems to have ended in his spam folder.
Khalid Baheyeldin