Snorkeling the Red Sea near Jeddah

I consider myself very fortunate to have had the opportunity to enjoy exploring the underwater marvels of the Red Sea regularly in the 1990s when I lived in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.The Red Sea is best described as an underwater tropical forest. This is in stark contrast with the sterile desert bordering its shores.The following pages describe what marvels one can be seen in the Red Sea. The underwater pictures were taken with a cheap single use camera, and therefore the quality is not really great. There is no real alternative though, because underwater cameras are very expensive.



Snorkrling in Jeddah

I visit Jeddah on business and will be there again for a couple of days on the 20th.
Where is the best place to go snorkeling? I do not want to break any local rules and I doubt that the taxi driver will be of much use. I have been to the floating mosque area but not sure that this is the best place to swim from. Any help would be very useful.

Thank you.



It has been many years since I have been there, but since you are just a visitor, chances are that your hotel would have a beach in Obhor Creek north of Jeddah. This area is less trampled than the ones closest to the city. They would probably have a shuttle to take you there. Talk to the front desk.

For a really good snorkel, try to hookup with a diving outfit and go snorkeling with them off shore. If it is shallow enough you will see an amazing array of underwater life.

The other option is the south corniche, but that is some 30 km south of the city and totally uninhabited. Taxi is not an option for this.

check this website ,they have

check this website ,they have regular snorkeling trip in groups ,I think it cost 200 to 250 per person per day
they will try to sneak you to pay the full package ,just ignore them and ask for the group rate only

love the red sea! :)

Thanks for sharing the underwater marvels of the Red Sea! I agree that it is indeed an underwater tropical forest. I have been diving the Red Sea for more than a decade now yet every dive always never fails to amuse and surprise me. The area is simply blessed with abundant and rich marine life! So whether you're diving or snorkeling, you are always up for a surprise!


Hey guys, enjoy! I snorkeled and dove around Jeddah for 18 months back in the early seventies. It was a wonderland then and I hope that has continued. I was working at the time as a language teacher and we would regularly launch from what was known as the Raytheon Peninsula near the desalinization plant. Are those two landmarks still there? Hope you all have some great dives and snorkel sessions. TPS The Jeddah locals were awesome people then and I'll bet that hasn't changed. PE Concord NH