Fish catches when spearfishing in the Red Sea

What kind of fish one eats depends on many factors: what is available locally, society's habits and culture, upbringing, and personal taste.

For me, grouper is a good fish to eat, available in both the Mediterranean, where I was raised, and the Red Sea. Therefore, grouper was the kind of fish I was after the most when spearfishing. Several types are native there.

The Hamoor هامور is the Greasy Grouper, and is a commercial fish, good to eat.

The Najil ناجل is the red colored grouper, and is the most expensive fish in Saudi Arabia. I never caught one of those, since they live in deep water. I saw one at the reef edge coming up to a cleaning station that the cleaner wrasse establishes.

As the months and years progressed, one got to experiment with new types of fish that he is not used to. Either I found them in the fish market, so I was sure they were edible, or they belonged to a family of fish that are edible.

Even the said to be poisonous puffer fish was found to be edible, and tasty too.

Many species available in the fish market are not available in reefs, since their habitat may not be caves.

This is a typical Hamoor (Greasy Grouper). It lives in shallow dark caves. This one was 3.5 kilograms.
Here is another good specimen of grouper, as well as a unicorn fish. Its skin is extremely tough, and therefore grilling it on coal produces tender and juicy flesh.
In this picture, you can see a unicorn fish, a squirrelfish, which inhabits dark caves (nice white tender flesh), a snapper (really good to eat), and a bream.
The little girls were always excited when I got fish. Here is a triggerfish, which is ugly looking but has tasty boneless flesh, a fish that I cannot remember its name (was not good eating), a broomtail wrasse, and a parrotfish.




hi , i am going to dahab next week , can i bring my gun ? is it allowed to fish there ?

Have you ever heard of a fish

Have you ever heard of a fish called Canad??
My boss Mohammad says it is really great.
Best Regards


Yes, it is Kan3ad كنعد in Arabic.

It is either Spanish Mackerel, or Wahoo.

And yes, it is delicious, cut into steaks and then put in flour and then fried in oil.

I am not sure if it can be caught using a speargun though. It is an open sea species and trolling is the common method for catching it.

You can find it in the local fish market if you live on either the Persian Gulf or the Red Sea.

Many Thanks.

Many Thanks.