Welcome to the world wide web home of the Baheyeldin dynasty.

Here, you can find a profile of an Egyptian family, with part of it living in Canada, and part living in Egypt. You will also get some insight into what an Egyptian family looks like, their interests, and various other aspects.

This picture includes all the members of the Baheyeldin Dynasty, as on March 2000.

Left to Right:

  • Khalid - the eldest and "leader" of the dynasty. You can take some time to explore this extensive web site containing various topics on Egypt, Canada, and other places, as well as writings on various topics such as history, linguistics, Open Source Software, Linux, and more.
  • Suhaila - the eldest daughter, and the first of the third generation Baheyeldins.
  • Sarah - the younger daughter, and second in the third generation of Baheyeldins.
  • Omar their uncle (Khalid's younger brother).

Other later additions (not in the picture above):

  • Ahmed son of Omar.
  • Laila, Ahmad's younger sister.
  • Salma the youngest sister.

Hope you enjoy your visit here.



Sat, 2006/03/25 - 09:30

There is also Laila the newest member.

Sun, 2006/11/19 - 07:50

ربنا يزيد و يبارك - is it Arabic? Does it mean - " Increase and bless curdled. "

Sat, 2008/04/05 - 15:16

Fun site. I was looking for information sycamore figs because I've run into a really old one in Sakkara Village while riding. Not so easy to get information on those trees and now I think that I have to find one for my garden.

There must be some affinity between Egypt and Canada...other than some Canadians really don't want to shovel snow and prefer sunshine!

Sat, 2008/10/25 - 10:18

موقع ممتاز و أكيد حرجع اتفرج عليه اكثر بعد كدة
احنا ساكنين في انجلترا لكن عمر ما شوفنا نفسنا كـ
بارك الله فيكم

Tue, 2009/04/07 - 20:37

Hi, I am Egyptan living in egypt. To be honest with you what first attracted me to your site was the name ... as you see it resembles my father's name, which is a rare one, and which I admire, he passed away when I was 3 years old, by the way, I am not young, I am 49 years old :( But when I got into the site I really got impressed and just wanted to express my admiration, from an Egyptian to another, to you and all your family for this fabulous effort. May God bless you all
Lina Baheyeldin