Omar Baheyeldin

Hello! I am Omar Baheyeldin! I live in Alexandria, Egypt.

My company is AB2, which does export import of spare parts and clothing.

My elder brother, Khalid made up this page for me, since he seems to have a lot of free time, and stumbled across the pictures below.

I own a Landrover Defender 110, and like to go on desert safaris West of Alexandria, Egypt.

(Click here for a larger image) I used to be a nice kid. Of course none of this is true! I drove everyone crazy as a kid. My cousin, Yehiya Okeil (who is also called Ahmed) commented at this picture that "He looks as if he is so innocent (برئ) and obedient (مطيع)".
(Click here for a larger image) Here I am in 1998, visiting New York City. Outside this Versace shop, there is the Egyptian Royal Coat of Arms with the Crescent and three stars, complete with a crown!

Can you detect the difference between the two photos? (It is a family thing, don't ask what it is).