On Khalid Baheyeldin

Why this site is called "The Baheyeldin Dynasty"?


Well, I got asked that question by more than one person in the last week. One of them even asked if I am descended from the Pharaoh of Egypt and hence the dynasty!Well, no. I don't think I am descended from Pharaohs. My ancestry on my father's side is Syrio-Arab, and Circassian. On my mother's side it is Moorish. You can see more in the ancestry section.So, what was I thinking when I called this site the Baheyeldin Dynasty?

What does the name "Khalid" mean?


My first name is Khalid. In Arabic, this is خالد. It was originally spelled Khaled with an "e", to  be more in line with the Egyptian pronounciation, but at some point I decided that Khalid with an "i" is closer to the classical version. The problem is that in English, this is taken to be a long "i", as in "-leed". It is more  like "lid".

New theme for web site


This Baheyeldin Dynasty web site,, has been on the net since 1999. It started with a simple HTML only design, but quickly changed to a semi dynamic web site using a home brew content management system that used flat files, with includes for menus, statistics, user login, redirects and other functions. Here is how the site looked for almost four years. In Summer of 2003, I discovered Drupal, and setup a plan to convert my old content to it. This happened on January 2, 2004. The site initially used a modified simplistic Bluemarine theme. Later in fall of 2004, after upgrading to Drupal 4.5, it adopted a Pushbutton theme, looking like this.

New Manager: "The most technical ever!"


Something unusual happened a while back at work. While I almost never write on my web site about work, I am making an exception here for reasons that will become apparent as you read more.I came under a new manager lately, let us call him S. When I was checking with colleagues who know him better than I do, one made the comment: "He will be the most technical manager you have ever had".I never made much of this comment until I had a chance to work with S closely on a project. What is amazing was that he is really hands on to a degree that you cannot imagine. He knows where the source repositories are, knows which part does what, and will sit and debug code with you, knowing the ins and outs of development.


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