Mistaken for an Arab or Muslim: Absurdities of being a victim in the War on Terror



Of all the stupidity i have ever heard
mr Stein shuld file an assult charge aginst the man who grabbed him as well as a law suit and a law suit aginst the airline

Mistaken for an Arab or Muslim

That is a horrible excuse to attack some one. I have mistaken you for an Arab, please go on good man... now if I had been correct then I should have tortured you and sent you to Guantanamo.
(please do read the sarcasm and not stone me for being an imbecile)

On top of charges for assault the people who demanded to look at the passenger´s bag because he looked Arab should face charges for a hate crime.

Imagine if after the holocaust the German government had presented the following apology:

We are very sorry for what was done, we did mistake a few people for Jews and regret having killed or tortured them... now if only Jews had been killed then there would be no apology to be made.

So the previous sentence sounds horrible, but it is not too far in concept with what is happening. Do we need concentration camps for suspected Muslims for people to realize the way this racial and religious schizophrenia is heading?

Any way... it really offends me the "mistaken for an Arab" part of the thing, more so than the general stupidity of the action. And if it makes a difference I am neither an Arab not a Muslim, I am Latino and Catholic but, no matter what your race or religion is,the kind of behavior shown by the people who attacked the Spanish professor, or the Jewish Architect or the praying guy should make you sick.

Absurdities of being a victim in the War on Terror

If you were in a field and saw a cow, you wouldn't be worried... with a bull and you would be cautious.

Why is this? it's learnt behaviour. We know cows rarely attack, bulls sometimes do....

So how did the suspicion of muslim looking men come from? not ethnic or religious hatred, but in the same way. Who is blowing up all the planes? who is performing suicide bombings? who is randomly attacking civilians, airports, bars?

Stop and think, it is very obvious why people are suspicious, you don't get any jewish, sikh, christian, buddhist, pagan or anything else suicide bombers.

People have every right to be cautious and suspicious, it's a learnt behaviour!

And to equate someone being inconvenienced (taken off a plane) with someone who has seen his family and loved ones bodies blown to bits as both "victims" beggars belief at the comparison.

This is not written as hate against muslims, but get a reality check, all the new security and waiting we go through at airports is for a damn good reason.

Jewish do not commit suicide

It is because of the Jewish people who commit genocide on daily basis and supported by United States of America, that we have what you call terrorism. In which they see it as defending their nation.