Egyptian Cuisine, Food and Recipes مأكولات مصرية

For full recipes, please visit our recently launched Egyptian Cuisine Recipes web site.

Over the millenia, Egypt has developed a unique cuisine that boast dishes and ingredients found no where else. Due to a history of foreign trade with, invasions and dominations by other cultures, Egypt has borrowed lots of food. These are mostly from Syria, Lebanon, Turkey, and other Mediterranean countries. But even those were modified in Egypt to a great extent, making them uniquely Egyptian.Below, I describe some uniquely Egyptian dishes and their ingredients, then provide links to other sites that include Egyptian Recipes, or concerned with Egyptian Cuisine.My intention on this page is two fold:

  1. To tease the palate and taste of native Egyptians living abroad (like me!) who crave for some of these!
  2. Introduce the range of unique dishes and ingredients to non-Egyptians.

For complete recipes, please check our recently launched Egyptian Cuisine Recipes web site. If you are looking for recipes from Ancient Egypt, then please check our page on ancient Egyptian recipes.Enjoy your visit!




Shawerma and falefal in my opinion, you can find in alot of places, i think of anywhere you cant find it