Egyptian Cuisine: Unique Egyptian Ingredients

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Some ingredients in the Egyptian cuisine are not found in other places.

  • Samnah Baladi سمنة بلدي (Egyptian Ghee) This is the Egyptian Ghee, made from the Water Buffalo's Milk, and therefore totally white and harder than normal cow's ghee.
  • Zebdah Baladi زبدة بلدي (Egyptian Butter) This is obtained by melting the Samnah Baladi. The result is hard white butter rolled into large balls.
  • Laban Rayeb لبن رايب This is a uniquely countryside product. This is a youghurt like product, made more or less like regular youghurt, but in special earthen ware containers (called Shalya شالية very similar to a large flower pot) after warming the traditional oven.



Egyptian ingredients and there availbiltity in Australia

Hi, im doing some research on Egyptian food ingredients in Austrlia and would like to know how much of an availbility it is in our stores and other specialty stores. any replys greatly aprreciated. :)