Egyptian Cuisine: Breads

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There are several forms of bread that are uniquely Egyptian.

  • 3eish Shami (Syrian Bread - Pita bread عيش شامي) The strange thing about this type of bread, is that Egyptians call it Syrian, while the Syrians call it Egyptian! Why is that so? I don't know. This type of bread is the flat rounded type made from white flour. Upon baking in the oven, it separates into two layers, an upper one and a lower one. This is what makes it "pocket bread", and can be filled with other fodd stuff to make sandwitches.
  • 3eish Baladi عيش بلدي This type is very similar to the one above, except that it is made of whole wheat flour, and contains something that makes it sticky from the inside.
  • 3eish Saymeenعيش صايمين (Fasting People's Bread) This is thicker bread more like western types with lots of air inside. It is however round like most native Egyptian types.
  • 3eish Meladden عيش ملدن A very thin bread that is kind of hard. This is found only in the really rural areas.
  • 3eish Dorah عيش درة Made from Corn flour.
  • Feteer Meshaltet فطير مشلتت This is a very delicious (and very unhealthy) classic Egyptian pastry. It is made in layers that are rolled and laced with Samnah, then cooked in a traditional oven. It is eaten with cheeses, honey, cream, ...etc.