Egyptian Cuisine: Fava Beans and derivatives

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Ful (Fava Beans) and its derivatives

What Egyptians call Ful is Fava beans (or Broad Beans). This is a staple for Egyptians, and is considered the national dish.

  • Fool Medamesفول مدمس
    Boiled overnight on a very low flame in special utensils. Some utensils are adapted to work on the glass of a small kerosene lamp قدرة دماسة سهاري
  • Fool Akhdarفول أخصر
    Green fresh Fava Beans, eaten with white cheese
  • Besaraبصارة
    Mashed Fava beans made into a puree and cooked, then poured into containers and left to "set".
  • Fool Nabetفول نابت
    The fava beans are germinated a bit, before being made into a special soup.
  • Falafel / Ta3meyyaفلافل طعمية
    A mixture of fava beans that are soaked overnight then mixed with other ingredients (onions, spring onions, leeks, stale bread, coriander) blended together, then made into patties that are fried. After they are fried, they are ade into sandwitches, eaten with Tahina (Sesame seed paste), pickles, salad. Yummy!