Egyptian Cuisine: Links and Resources

For full recipes, please visit our recently launched Egyptian Cuisine Recipes web site.

Here are some links to other web pages on Egyptian and Middle Eastern Food.

  • Egyptian Cuisine Recipes is a site that I launched recently and contains many tens of Egyptian recipes. One of the reasons that site was created was the number of requests I regularly get for detailed recipes.
  • Mandino's (or Mandeno) Egyptian Recipes This seems to be a great site that was never completed. It has lots of recipes, grouped according to the traditional classification of Cook Books (Meat, Poultry, Dessert, ...etc.). Some pages are still under construction, and the site was last updated September 1998, I hope the owners didn't lose interest. Mandino is short for Mandoura and Nino. According to their site they are two Egyptian ladies who are lifetime friends and share a passion for cooking, and that is why they decided to create this web site.
    • An Introduction - including a historical part. A must read...
    • Another Introduction - Another must read on the Egyptian Cuisine, the ingredients, typical meals, ...etc.
    • Mandino's Egyptian Recipes - Here is the index, in convenient groups, of all the recipes. Follow each page and enjoy the detail! Note: (For some reason unknown to me, this page sometimes loads with only a red and white chequered bar on the left and a blank body. If this happens to you, then just keep trying to reload. You will know it is working when you hear the background music...) The following pages are the ones that that contain recipes, so far:
      • Appetizers and Salads
      • Sauces, Dressings and Relish
      • Soups
      • Rice, Grains and Pasta
      • Desserts and Sweets
      • Bread and Baking
      • Cake, Cookies and Biscuits
      • Drinks, Milkshakes, Juices and Syrups
  • Ahmed Hamdy Eissa's Egyptian Recipes - provides very detailed recipes of all courses.
  • An Armenian Egyptian has some recipes on his web site. While many of those are Armenian (and Turkish), there are a few that are Egyptian, like Falafel for example. Even how to make Basterma and Sausage from scratch!
  • Some Egyptian Recipes from an Egyptian ISP. The site is a bit slow though.
  • A forum on Egyptian Cooking.
  • A Jewish Egyptian has a Molokheya recipe.
  • Mezze by Mail provides Egyptian appetizers delivered by mail.
  • Riceweb: Egypt - Five rice dishes from Egypt, including Roz Bel Laban (A desert). The spelling of the dishes name is a bit funny though...
  • Google Directory of Egyptian Recipe web sites.
  • Tasty Vegetarian Recipes from Egypt - Some Vegetarian dishes from Egypt. Nice background on why these do exist (due to the vegetarian fasting tradition of the Coptic Church in Egypt (200+ days per year?)).
  • Tour Egypt Net - Egyptian Recipes Page - Some nice recipes, few, but lots of details on preparation. A Java Script is used to ask for the number of servings (presumably to calculate the quantity for each ingredient), but this is not working for some reason...
  • Cyber-Cuisine Tours - Egypt Recipes - This is an introduction page, with links to the Tour Egypt recipes (see above). There are some errors in naming/translation (e.g. Mombar Mahshi is translated as Beef Sausage)
  • Global Gastronomer - The Middle East - The Egypt page is not working...?
  • A Collection of Egyptian recipes.
  • A page where people post and rate the Egyptian recipes.
  • Christina Al Sudairy's Middle Eastern Recipes Page - Full of nice recipes, mainly Lebanese, but also Morrocan and Saudi as well.
  • Food from the Arab World.
  • Middle Eastern Recipes
  • Lebanese Recipes
  • An article about the Egyptian cuisine.
  • Someone's quest for authentic (i.e. Egyptian) falafel. This page is currently offline, and could be gone forever as you read this.



Gone, but not lost

"Someone's quest for authentic (i.e. Egyptian) falafel. This page is currently offline, and could be gone forever as you read this."

The page lives on in the Internet Archive. I've placed the url for the IA page in the line marked "homepage"; I guess my name will end up marking a link to the page. So there is no misunderstanding, I had nothing to do with writing it.

Reading the archived page, I find that the author was having trouble locating Ful, aka Fava Beans. In Chicago, they are available fresh in the farmer's markets in late spring, and can be ordered throughout the summer months through Whole Foods. Doing a search for the 03101 Zip Code listed as the author's contact location, I found a whole foods store 29 miles to the southeast (according to the site) in Andover, MA. So, really, they've more available than one might imagine; they're just a little hard to find.

If one is comfortable using dried beans, almost any Greek or Italian grocery will have them year round, should Middle Eastern groceries be absent in one's area. Some of those stores do mail order. Checking with one of them might be worth the trouble; dried or fresh, favas are something special.

Hope this helps.