Egyptian Cuisine: Poultry

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  • Chicken
  • Batt Baladi بط بلدي (Duck - Mainly domesticated Muscovy Duck, normaly the male Drake)
  • 7amamحمام - Pigeons are raised in special 'towers' and pre-flight chicks are used, before their meat becomes harder from flight.
  • Turkey ديك رومي - دندي




good morning:

i want to say you it is very good idea to get the world your traditionels and your famious eats ,i havn't any comment but i just want to know what is "zafar" in egypt.

thank you very much.


This is a slang term for dishes that are made of meat, poultry, fish, ...etc.

The etymology of the term may be derived from "distinct strong smell", which those dishes have, but are lacking in vegetable dishes.

For example, if a husband comes home and his wife made only koshary, lentils or other vegetable only dish, he will scream in protest "هو مافيش زفر؟" ("Are there not any Zafar?").
Khalid Baheyeldin


good morning chef khalid:
i don't imagine that you will answer me,for that i want to thank you for all,i'm an algerian girl and i like to much to learn your kitcheen .i have a book of recips,and it tittle is "east receipts",i made some of them like "bassboussa ,messaàà,....."but 80% had not succed i don't know why,sure because of me .
ok ,thank you very much and i will be very happy if you send me some receipts which are easy ,if you have a time.

thank's Fairouz.


please do you have the herbs you add to shourwrma and kebab in egypt?