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Muslims should participate in the Draw Prophet Muhammad Day


Right after the provocative animated TV show South Park depicted prophet Muhammad in a bear suit, someone started a Facebook group called Everybody Draw Muhammad Day. This echoed far and wide, with Pakistan's court ordering the blocking of Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and other web sites.

I am not the Messiah/Maitreya! No, indeed you are ...


This is amazing ...

Raj Patel, a London-born American academic and activist of Indian descent shows up on The Colbert Report, a comedy show on TV.

People from a little known religious group, Share International, proclaim that he is their awaited Maitreya.

He is then inundated with email from them. He denies it by posting on his web site (more detailed here), only to have those fans believe in him much more!

The similarities with scenes from the movie, Life of Brian are startling.

The irony is that Patel is opposed to the "savior" mentality, and rather believes that there are no easy answers to complex problems.

The article mentions Stephen Louis Cooper, a homeless man with gender identity disorder, also from the UK who was identified as an incarnation of the Hindu goddess Bahuchara Mata and now lives in a temple in Gujarat.

From this Guardian article.

Worth a read for sure ...


What is funnier than the original article is how people who perceive Share International, Maitreya and Raj Patel as threats, a conspiracy, and started to attack them via web sites and Youtube videos.

Examples on Youtube are authors by the name of, TheTruthIsFromGod and maitreyaisthebeast.

Red Moon Rising compares Maitreya to the Anti-Christ, and Hidden Codes comments below that Raj Patel is indeed a mouth piece for Share International.

Waterloo Masjid vandalized ...


On Friday March 19, 2010, Muslims attending the weekly congregation prayer at the Waterloo Masjid were greeted by vandalism of their house of worship.

The 666 number of the beast was sprayed on most windows and doors. Two windows were broken, including the funeral room, where the deceased are washed and shrouded in preparation for burial. Pentagrams, symbols of magic, were sprayed, as well as many insults, most of them misspelled, "Satan", "Deat [sic] to you all", "Devel" [sic], "soul collector".

Seventh Century Quranic Manuscript at Birmingham's Mingana Collection


My friend Ralph Janke who is from Germany and lives here in Waterloo, pointed me to a very interesting project that he worked on.

The project is funded by the European Union, and therefore uses open source and open data formats.

Alphonse Mingana: Assyrian Orientalist

Dreamweaver is Dead! Long Live Drupal!


The blog post titled: Dreamweaver is Dying ends with "Long Live Drupal!"

Although they are different technologies, one being an design tool and HTML editor, and the other a Content Management System/Framework, this shows the shift from tools for static sites that do it all (design, edit, publish), to dynamic sites with dynamic backends.

Via Slashdot.

Fighting Priests: Church of the Holy Sepulchre frequently sees brawls


News from Jerusalem yesterday showed Armenian and Greek Orthodox monks exchanging kicks and punches, with many of them featuring bruises and bloodied faces.

Of course it is odd that these are religious figures fighting inside a holy site, but if one examines the news deeper, he will see that this is a frequent occurance.

Earlier in 2008, Armenian and Greek Orthodox fought like they did yesterday.

Media bias and slant: Christians celebrating Christmas in Gaza


Media bias is a well known fact. Here is an example on how two Canadian news organizations are reporting on Christmas celebrations by the Christian Palestinians in Gaza.

While CBC highlights the plight of Palestinians under Israeli occupation and border closure, CTV has taken a more biased view where it presents Christians are oppressed by Muslims in Gaza, specially under the rule of Hamas.

Ignored are the facts that Christians and Muslims have lived side by side in Gaza and elsewhere in the Middle East for more than 13 centuries.

Halal pork photo: Is it real or a hoax?


Last month, a photo was circulated by email and on blogs that has a pack of pork meat with a sticker saying Halal on it. The packer is a Singapore company and the country of origin is Australia.

Halal حلال is an Arabic word meaning 'permissible', but in non-Arabic speaking Muslim countries it takes a legal meaning derived from Islamic law. Pork is forbidden in Islam, just like Judaism. Hence it can never be "halal" in either sense of the word.

It seems that some bloggers thought it was true, while others thought it was a sick joke.


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