Muslims should participate in the Draw Prophet Muhammad Day

Right after the provocative animated TV show South Park depicted prophet Muhammad in a bear suit, someone started a Facebook group called Everybody Draw Muhammad Day. This echoed far and wide, with Pakistan's court ordering the blocking of Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and other web sites.

My solution? What this wise young Muslim man has said: Muslims should participate in this event, and should support a cause as well. Watch his video.

Here is another perspective from Chicago by a Muslim, Qasim Rashid.



Freedoms and liberties

Hello. I stumbled upon your website from here as I am working on trying to optimize the performance of one of the servers under my indirect supervision.

Anyway, I started reading about your other non-Drupal related articles and found my way here. And this leads me to the question of how freedoms and liberties are viewed by Muslims in general. I know that the boundaries of freedoms are where and when the liberties of others are being infringed upon. However, I find the fundamental freedom of speech to be extremely critical in maintaining and sustaining a purely unabashed concept in the observance of freedom itself.

I have been exposed to material that discourages artwork on visual representations of humans in Muslim schools. And we all know that it is forbidden for Muslims - and not really for non-Muslims - in depicting Mohammad in artwork or expressions of art. However, by persecuting or condemning artists or even those vandals with immoral intent who do these things, Muslims are becoming viewed as a people who may not be able to achieve nor grasp total, pure and absolute freedom. Regardless if the artwork was done as a revelation of possible conceptual failings or as ridicule, Muslims, in general, would not let such actions go unchecked nor unchallenged and would even label these actions as atrocities and infringement on their principles and beliefs, which actually spells intolerance and closed-mindedness.

Anyway, I think I may have digressed. I should be going back to my research now. :-)

Varies ...

Remember that Muslims are over 1.5 billion around the world, and brought up in very different environments, ranging from communist totalitarianism, despotic tribalism, all the way to liberal democracies.

You will find that ideas and attitudes will vary depending on many factors: economy, school system, societal norms, exposure to varied faiths and customs, ...etc.

So, if you generalize and say "Muslims this" and "Muslims that", it will surely be wrong.