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Yellow warbler


For the first time in 10 years, I saw today an adult male yellow warbler.

Because of the stunningly bright yellow color, I thought at first that it is an American Goldfinch. But moving closer, it was apparent this is different bird. A bit smaller, lacking the bold black marking of the goldfinch, and having prominent streaks on the breast. It was inside a bush, well hidden, and had it not flew from another tree into the nearby bush, I would not have noticed it.

New grey whale sightings in Pacific and Mediterranean


Encouraging news for wildlife and nature enthusiasts.

Grey whales, once hunted to near extinction have appeared in two new places, far apart.

One was in downtown Vancouver, and the other is in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Hope this is a sign of less pollution and that conservation efforts are working.

March 2nd, 2010 Goldfinch and Cardinal in Southern Ontario


Definite sign of spring today ...

It is only March 2nd, with lots of snow on the ground, below zero temperatures are still around, and some more snow yet to fall ...

But signs of springs are already here ...

When I woke up, I heard a male American Goldfinch singing at the top of the tall evergreen in the backyard.

It is not a wasp, it is a hoverfly mimicing a wasp


An article about a Manitoba man who died after being attacked by a swarm made it to the CBC today.

The image attached to the article was not that of a wasp though, but rather, a hoverfly. These are dipteras, meaning "two wings", as all other true flies. Also the bulging eyes and very short antennae are very characteristic of all flies.

Crayfish introduction to the Nile Delta and its effects


Crayfish are fresh water crustacean that look like a tiny lobster, to which they are closely related. Out of 250 species in the South-East United States, the species Procambarus clarkii, known as Louisiana red swamp crayfish, is the most well known.In places like Louisiana it is farmed commercially and consumed in various dishes.


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