Resources for using Google Adsense with Drupal

Here is a collection of articles on Google's Adsense in general and using Adsense in Drupal. This information is published here as a companion to Drupal's contributed Adsense module.

Enjoy reading the material below, and good luck making money via Google Adsense Ads.




i have tried using the adsense module of yours but every time i put it in the module folder I get a message that the memory is exhausted, I have tried removing unuseful modules but no use. It have only when i place your the adsense folder inthe modules.

Memory limit.

This is a common occurrence in Drupal installation with more than a few contributed modules installed.

To remedy this problem, please see the following:

This node explains the 3 possible ways of increasing the memory allocated to php for drupal.

Increase PHP memory

in the .htaccess file for linux user place this line at the end of your stuff
php_value memory_limit 16M or php_value memory_limit 32M if 16M is not enough.
Windows server? You should know better!

Inline Ads do not show up


Thanks for the lovely module. I seem to have some trouble getting around with it though. The inline-ads do not appear on my website. Placeholders only show-up. Can you help me with this pl. I am using Drupal-5.2. Thanks in advance for the time.


I am interested in adsense module and would like to know
more about the same. However I do not know how to get in contact with the right person.

Hence I request you to please assist me on the same

Hi there, I have a general

Hi there,

I have a general question to Adsense:
We have a bilingual website ( and,
and I am wondering how I tell adsense which language the ads should be on the different content pages....

In adsense, I can only defineone preferred language.

Anybody there who has dealt with this problem?