Drupal AdSense Module: Added Section Targeting

The latest version of Drupal's Google Adsense module implements the relatively new feature of section targeting. This allows ads to be targeted more towards the content of nodes in Drupal, and not others areas of the page's HTML, such as blocks. This provides more relevant ads to the page being displayed.This feature is ON by default, but can be turned off by the administrator. 



where should we put these tags?

This is interesting, but I'm curious where we should put these tags.

Generally, I want google to look at the node content and the comments on the node. Is there some easy way to do this?


They are automatic

Well, you do not need to put anything anywhere ...

The adsense module does that for you automatically by default.

It wraps the body and teaser in the necessary tags.

Comments are not taken into account.

The way I understand it is that Google will still look at comments (and title and blocks, ...etc.), but will give more weight to the node body.

There is no hook for comment viewing, so wrapping comments in those tags has to be done in the theme, by modifying the comment.tpl.php file.

I will write an article on how to do that soon.
Khalid Baheyeldin

inserting adsense in a blog post

I have installed the latest module of adsense. I want to have a adsense block to be displayed in the middle of the content of all the blog posts by the members automatically. I have enabled "Adsense trageting". Can you please tell me what I am missing.

Not section targeting

Section targeting has nothing to do with where the ads are displayed. It just tells Google what the most important parts of the page to consider in keywords.

There is no way currently, without custom code, to automatically place ads in the body of a post.
Khalid Baheyeldin

Latest version?

Is the latest version of the module uploaded to Drupal.org? on the module download page it appears that the most recent version is still (4.6.0, 26/05/2005 - 09:58). Perhaps I am just missing it on the Drupal site?

Thanks for all your great work!

Ignore the date

There is a bug in the script that generates the packages on drupal.org, but the contents of the package should be fine.

Check that you have this at the top of the adsense.module file:

//$Id: adsense.module,v 1.25 2005/12/03 03:29:28 kbahey Exp $

Khalid Baheyeldin