Updates and Thoughts on the Egyptian Revolution of 2011


Amazing! Thank you!

Your summaries and comments have been a fantastic insight into this amazing event. Hopefully these revolutions turn out to be like a Berlin Wall moment for the Middle East. If only the American government would describe it that way, instead of talking out of both sides of its mouth.


I wanted to thank you for

I wanted to thank you for your blog. I had also been in contact with my family and friends in Alexandria, and have been receiving the same news from their side - however, I've been unable to reach them for a few hours. Most of the focus of the news right now seems to be on Cairo, so it is good to hear explicit details on the situation in Alexandria. I will be anxiously awaiting more updates. Thank you again.

Mobiles not working

Mobile phones are not working today (Tuesday, the day for the "March of a Million").

I was able to call two relatives and a friend on land lines with a few tries.

Building a new Egypt

I am imagining some helpful NGO that would make on-line courses available to the tech savvy young people on topics relevant to rebuilding the Egyptian government for a better society. Protesting takes certain skills, but governance takes others. I would like to see a lot of the idealistic young people who took to the streets learn all they can, stay involved, and be part of the new government instead of letting the old pros take over.