Update on the Egyptian Revolution - 010

Almost ex-President Hosny Mubarak was just on Egyptian State TV live minutes ago.

He still does not get it!

He said he gave instructions to the vice president to being a dialog with the political groups, and demanded the parliament to do such and such. Never, as usual, did he own the responsibility of any of his instructions. He always gets the praise and none of the blame for failure after failure.

He blames the protests on people with foreign agendas, said that they are manipulated by political

He said he was never a seeker after power.

He lamented the damage, fires, ...etc. ignoring the facts that Tuesday February 1st multi-million person marches were completely peaceful in the absence of the riot police who confronted previous riots with provocation and brutal force.

He said that they refuse to have a dialog with him, with the offer to have one still available. This indicates that he has weakened a bit.

He said he will not run for another term. And that he will insure peaceful transition of power. And that the parliament will remove certain clauses about presidency terms from the constitution. That same parliament that was elected in completely fraudulent elections in December 2010? Yes, good plan there ...

How the people are going to react is crucial to how this revolution will bear fruit.