Update on the Egyptian Revolution - 001

Called my mother just now. This is an update from Alexandria as of 29 January 2011 10 am (EST).

As the police stations were torched, some of the suspects inside have escaped. Some criminals has taken advantage of the absence of police and formed gangs, robbing what they can.

The Alexandria governor's residence has been torched and looted. He is much hated to the degree that when people called the fire service, they said ما يتحرق ("Let it burn"). The gangs were selling the loot: suits that belonged to the governor were going for 5 LE (less than $1). My mom saw about 12 or so men on the street with an air condition and other stuff. Some tried to sell the forged iron gates of the residence, but the merchants refused to take stolen goods.

A bank nearby was looted. Though most of the cash would be in a vault. Banks have a holiday tomorrow to prevent robbery and looting.

Youth are trying to form groups to protect public property from these gangs.