Update on the Egyptian Revolution - 006

AlJazeera and Reuters are reporting that the Egyptian government will redeploy security forces country-wide starting Monday except for Tahrir Square.

I can't believe how can the government do this. The police are much hated now because of the system brutality and protecting the regime for decades, their clashes with the public from 25 to 28 January and killing many of them, and finally for abandoning the country and let it fall into chaos, or directing doing this looting.

AlJazeera's London correspondent is following up on rumors that Gamal Mubarak and his family are in London, UK. He went to the residence of Gamal in the posh are of Knightsbridge. He says there were unconfirmed reports that he drove by in a car with his wife and did not go into the building. Again: unconfirmed.

My brother is on a neighborhood committees citizen militias shift from 6 pm to 12 midnight. I called him less than an hour ago, and he said that the army asked the committees to kill any looters and hand over bodies to the army. They don't want arrested and tied up criminals or suspects. The army said "let us clean up the country". They also said that any police car on the streets will be stolen must be stopped and whoever is in it must be killed. Any car that flees and refuses to stop must have its glass broken by the committees, and the army will deal with them on the next intersection.

He also reports that the army are now on foot patrols with machine guns, rather than armored cars only.