Update on the Egyptian Revolution - 003

Talked to my brother a few minutes ago. It is now 02:00 on Sunday there (19:00 Eastern Time).

After calling his land line, his wife told me that he is down in the street, protecting the neighborhood. I was able to call him on his mobile phones, so the service is back.

He was indeed on the street corner with some 25 others, a mix of people there. He was shouting orders to others not to let cars pass, in case they are spies for the looters. So he is the leader he is in these difficult times. He told me that when the police stations got looted, some sold the weapons to the criminal gangs. All of some of those criminals are police, secret or otherwise, and are looting what they can.

The army armored vehicles passes by every now and then, and anyone caught was handed to them. Those would be court marshaled under a military caught and can get death sentences given the circumstances.

The citizen neighborhood watch groups are armed with whatever they can, including baseball bats, (grass) hockey sticks, or anything else they have.

He is hearing machine gun fire sporadically, as the looters and the army exchange fire.

He said they were told that the looters would come to his area at 2 am. Not sure who said that, or where the schedule is from.

He is blaming Mubarak ابن الكلب (Son of a dog) for the lack of security, and thinks that direct orders were given for the police to just vanish in thin air and let Rome burn, or direct orders to create chaos, so people will ask for him to create stability.

He does not know what our mother's situation is, and hoping that a similar watch is setup in the area.