Resources for using Google Adsense with Drupal

Here is a collection of articles on Google's Adsense in general and using Adsense in Drupal. This information is published here as a companion to Drupal's contributed Adsense module.

Enjoy reading the material below, and good luck making money via Google Adsense Ads.



Google Adsense for Search


I am looking for help on using Google Adsense Search. Is this included in your module?
And is revenue sharing included in the use of it.

Thanks so much for your module, it rocks :-)

AdSense module for Drupal 6 .. ?

Hi kbahey,

I would like to know, if u plan to make your AdSense module compatible with Drupal 6.X version ??
It would be nice to update info on this on your drupal page at
I believe your module is really sexy thing (meaning very useful) and it would be surly welcomed by lots of drupal guyzz:-)

thanx for it & cheers.

The issue for porting

The issue for porting Adsense to 6.x is #211584. Before that can happen, issue #195036 has to be tested by several people.

So, if you want to help it happen, please help test that last issue.
Khalid Baheyeldin

need help please

can you help me in implementing this module? i'm really new to drupal and when i tried to install this module it didn't show any ads on my site. can you tell me what did i missed? thanks!

Google's Adsense problem with "Image" module

I installed Google's Adsense on my Drupal website. I usualy use Image to add my articles to the main page. When i enabled Google's Adsense all the images in the articles go down to the comment area? Then I go and disable Google's Adsense and it became fine again..

Any idea about this issue?

Search Results

Is there a reason why the minimum width for search results is 795? This looks very ugly on my site; it really needs to be about 400. Is there a way for me to achieve this?

can we have adsense for mobile content

Thanks a million for the adsense module.
Mobile devices are on the increase, and most people are now accessing sites with either mobile phones or tablets. I think you should incorporate adsense for mobile content in the Adsense module.