Egyptian Cuisine: Sweets and Desserts

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The ingredients in Egyptian sweets and desserts are found in other cuisines.

  • 3asal eswed عسل أسود(Black Honey - Molasses)
  • 7alawa tehineyya حلاوة طحينية (Sesame Seed paste and sugar)
  • Mehalabia مهلبية
  • Roz bel laban رز بلبن Rice and Milk
  • 3ashurah عاشوراء
  • Konafa كنافة
  • 2Tayef قطايف
  • Baqlawa بقلاوة same as Baklava in other Eastern Mediterranean countries
  • Umm Ali أم علي pastry with milk, sugar, and raisins
  • Loqmet El Qadi لقمة القاضي deep fried fritters in thick syrup



asiir lamoon

Hello there

Thank you so much for providing this page. I love the food of Egypt, though I have never been, and enjoy preparing it. Presently I am looking for a recipe for asiir lamoon and am unable to find it. The lamoon I have had is clear, with a very intense lemony-flowery taste, normally served with mint and ice. It doesn't seem to be made of just lemon juice as it is not pulpy. I cannot figure out how to duplicate it. Could you possibly help me? If so, thank you very much. If not, I understand and thank you for the pages you have created just the same.

Take care,

Lime is the key

Asiir Lamoon is the Egyptian version of lemonade.

I am not sure about using mint in it, must be a local variation in your case.

The important thing is to make it using lime (called lamoon banzahir لمون بنزهير in Egypt). The traditional way is to use a pressing tool (can't remember the name) to squeeze the juice out of the lemon, and then add water and sugar.

To get the scent in, you can put some of the rind with the juice and water and sugar in a blender at high speed, and it may get you the flavor you want. Those essential oils smell and taste great. Also use lots of sugar (we Egyptians have this thing for sweet taste). Use iced water, not just tap water, and then add ice to it as required.

Some cafes in Egypt will just blend the whole lemon with water and sugar, which will make it too frothy and often too bitter.
Khalid Baheyeldin


thank you so much! I will try it with lime and with a bit of the rind. Perhaps key limes would be appropriate as US limes are so tart, the key limes might be smoother. I wouldn't have thought of it, thank you for your help!


I live in Egypt, but Im originally from USA... the lemons here are very small much like the same size as key limes. Good Luck

i really like lime juices, it

i really like lime juices, it really refreshes me, i like to have it with Agave, this is a sugar replacement product, its has less calories, so you dont have to worry about putting on weight.

im hotter than you

this is not a good page, i want a recipe not a list of deserts

thank you anyway


Cannot translate

Hi, I'm trying to research these desserts, unfortunately I do not translate Number-Letter fluently. As in I can't understand the 2 in 2Tayef. If you can change this I would be quite satisfied and spread the website quite constantly thank you.

Semitic sounds ...

These numbers are place holders for sounds that do not exist in languages other than the Semitic family, including Arabic. So there is no way to translate them properly.

For the example the "ch" sound in German, which is like the "g" sound in Flemish, is the "kh" sound in Arabic. This sound, and others, has no equivalent in other European languages.

Here is a quick guide for you to remove the numbers:

2 = A
7 = H
3 = A

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I love Egyptian Food!!

I love Egyptian food, Last year I went to Cairo and stayed in the Flamenco Hotel just a couple of minutes drive from Tahrir Square. The food I had in the various restaurants I went to were top notch, one dish I really enjoyed was Kosheri, being a big meat eater myself this was a nice change as the dish was completely vegetarian. The dish contains pasta, lentils, chick peas, and bulghar wheat topped with a spicy tomato sauce, a vegetarians dream :)