Jewish architect "arrested" by fellow passenger on flight because of "Arab" looking tan

Seth Stein is a New York born Jewish architect from London. He designs interiors for vacation homes of wealthy clients, and hence travels a lot.On his way back from a vacation at Turk and Caicos, he was on an American Airlines flight to New York. After using the bathroom at the start of the flight, he settled with an iPod. A man claiming to be an NYPD police officer pounced on him, holding him in a headlock. He was told that he was acting suspiciously and to stay calm. The man went through his pockets and took his passport and the iPod.He was told that his holiday tan made him "look Arab". The Independant has an article with the details.



this is ridiculous, people

this is ridiculous, people will do anything these days just to give themselves a false sense of security, the "terrorist" could have easily blow that plane up or killed sombody had that been his original plan. the NYPD "police officer" needs to get a reality and realise that most arabs or muslims arent going to do anything. this does not mean that we should jsut shun all responsibility on others but we need to learn to live less in fear. A life in fear is not a lived life.