On Khalid Baheyeldin

E.G.C. Class Photos from the 1960s


This web page has several photos from the E.G.C. (El Nasr Chatby College or E.C.C.) from the 1960s. Can you identify anyone there? The photo below are from the E.G.C. class of 1966! Click on the picture for a larger view. Left to Right. Unknown persons are marked by a - sign. Those that we are not sure of are identified by (?) following their name. Nicknames are enclosed by ()

    How I got into Computers and Information Technology?


    This is quite an interesting and a bit long winded story of how I got into the computing field.It was the late 1970s when I was deciding which university I should go to. I had a passion for science and academia, and an aversion to humanities and math. At various points since middle school, I was into chemistry, biology, astronomy and botany.


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