Khalid's Personal Photos

I am sort of camera shy, and therefore you will not find a lot of photosof me over the years.

You can also find some 1960s photos from the E.G.C. in a separate web page. Can you identify anyone?

Some of the photos that I take are also available in this Photo Album

This photo was in the mid 1960s, by Lassave: a well known photographer in Alexandria, Egypt. It is undated, but has a serial number on its back.
This one was shortly after my graduation from university and getting my first job, mid 1980s.
This is in the late 1990s. It is so formal because it was a passport photo. Also, I used to wear a suit and tie to work for over 11 years, but no longer have to do so, because of the casual dress policy at my current place of work.
This photo is in summer of 2004, in a park in South Western Ontario, Canada.