What does the name "Khalid" mean?

My first name is Khalid. In Arabic, this is خالد. It was originally spelled Khaled with an "e", to  be more in line with the Egyptian pronounciation, but at some point I decided that Khalid with an "i" is closer to the classical version. The problem is that in English, this is taken to be a long "i", as in "-leed". It is more  like "lid".

Khalid is a pre-Islamic Arabic name meaning "immortal". One of the earliest famous persons called Khalid is Khalid Ibn Al-Walid, a n Arab general whose conquests against the two most powerful empires of the time (Byzantine and Sassanian) brought him everlasting fame. He is one of a few military commanders who never knew defeat in battle.




Halid Ibn-ül Velid

Halid Ibn-ül Velid, one the biggest muslim army leader, won a war against tens of thousands Byzantine soldiers with less than 5000 muslim soldiers.

Died in his bed with his sword in his hand.

Every country must have such a hero

I know you have spelling problems in English for your name, i think English speakers prefer to adapt the spelling in their language which doesn't feel fair to me. I my self am trying to spell correctly. Regarding the hero, i admire that, he gain his own immortality in battles and wars, we have few the same in our country.

I love the name khalid. I

I love the name khalid. I just met an Arabic friend with that name.
Perhaps its not the name I love, but him. hehehe.

Want to know more about khalid name

Hello all.

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Mohammad khalid akhtari


I understand the name Khalid means immortal. It was the name of a great Moslem General that fought for Islam against the Byzantines and Persia he was called the sword of Allah and never lost a Battle. he was a great coqueror for Islam.


i luv then ame khalid my best f'z name iz khaled with an "e" tho...

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i luv the name khalid its kool i like it
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khalid meaning

my name is khalid and I love my name, khalid mean never die last for ever like river in the heaven.


Khalid is a strong name with a good meaning. My parents gave me the name and we pronounce it Kha-leed i guess being american and all. I may start pronouncing it with the led at the end.

Immortal. Eternal. Everlasting.

Love the human being

I like this name very much this the historic name and all over the world it is found