What does the name "Khalid" mean?

My first name is Khalid. In Arabic, this is خالد. It was originally spelled Khaled with an "e", to  be more in line with the Egyptian pronounciation, but at some point I decided that Khalid with an "i" is closer to the classical version. The problem is that in English, this is taken to be a long "i", as in "-leed". It is more  like "lid".

Khalid is a pre-Islamic Arabic name meaning "immortal". One of the earliest famous persons called Khalid is Khalid Ibn Al-Walid, a n Arab general whose conquests against the two most powerful empires of the time (Byzantine and Sassanian) brought him everlasting fame. He is one of a few military commanders who never knew defeat in battle.




I think the name Khalid is

I think the name Khalid is hot!!!!! knowing now what it means it is very fitting.My Khalid could be named no other.LOVE IT!!!!!!!!

Especially when you know

Especially when you know about the Lord's coming when he will reward his servants (those that follow his commandments) with "eternal" life...once they have received their change from him.

Muhammad Khalid is a famous

Muhammad Khalid is a famous TV news reporter working with a pakistan based urdu news tv channel.

إنه سيف من سيوف

إنه سيف من سيوف رب العالمين بشهادة سيد الخلق و المرسلين .. إنه لمنسين الرم وساوس الشياطين بشهادة الصديق الأمين .. إنه الفارس العنيد .. إنه البطل الرشيد .. إنه القائد المنصور أبدا خالد بن الوليد


Thanks for information.


I found this very useful

I just finished reading a novel entitled Khalid- The Hunter of Syahid..



I just wanna thank everybody hu took part in finding the meaning of Khalid. It can also mean the everliving. Jazakallah Khair brothers and sisters! Before i forget i want to be helped with the meaning of Khan.

i love d name

it is good to learn i have planning to my first son khalid, and thank GOD i have a baby boy now. am naming him khalid....thanks.

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