What does the name "Khalid" mean?

My first name is Khalid. In Arabic, this is خالد. It was originally spelled Khaled with an "e", to  be more in line with the Egyptian pronounciation, but at some point I decided that Khalid with an "i" is closer to the classical version. The problem is that in English, this is taken to be a long "i", as in "-leed". It is more  like "lid".

Khalid is a pre-Islamic Arabic name meaning "immortal". One of the earliest famous persons called Khalid is Khalid Ibn Al-Walid, a n Arab general whose conquests against the two most powerful empires of the time (Byzantine and Sassanian) brought him everlasting fame. He is one of a few military commanders who never knew defeat in battle.




i did not i was have a baby

i did not i was have a baby lintel day of devilry i had a girl and i want to give her a good name with mean so her middle name is khalid. i love it & i find it on Egypt name...


My 19 yr old son passed away 5 and a half yrs ago. I dreampt of him last night. In the dream he was about 7 yrs old, had on red pajamas , and it was his birthday. There was a bday cake. We looked at each other, hugged , and said KHALID to each other. I woke up crying. The really strange thing is i have never herd of the word before and had no idea what the word meant !!!!!!! I know no Arabic at all. How could I dream about my son and say that to him ???????

Well, that is interesting ...

Sorry for your loss. Hope you recover from it. It will take time, but it will happen eventually.

The interesting part here is the spelling. How can the spelling be known from the dream, and coincides with a real name not familiar to you? But the human brain is a complex thing, and science did not unlock all its secrets. So, who knows.

Hope that he lives in your memory as an "immortal", which is what Khalid means in Arabic.

my name is khalid :D

i am very happy that i have the name khalid because it's a cool name and all my friends call me khalid Ibn Al-Walid

It's a really meaningful name

my brothers name is khalid and I just found out it had so much meaning.i really like the name and he does to......


I just love this name.....because i love the owner of this name...He is my love...He give means to my life...


my name is Khaled :D

I Love My Name Very Much

I think the name Khalid is hot,Khalid is a strong name with a good meaning,I like to join in khalid group also so i realy like to me a member of khalid group and like to know more About my name.........Every country must have such a hero

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looool im lucky to have this nice name. my gf says its soo cute


My Precious son, Khalid passed, he was 1 month shy of his 17th birthday. Khalid lived up to his name in life and beyond, He will always be "eternal and immortal" to all that continue to love him. Born with many dissabilities and so called strikes against him. He was so much more than the eye can see. He taught us, patience, kindness, unconditional love and service, he gave, and continues to give a gift that will last through eternity. "We are truly, the blessed and lucky ones.""