Why this site is called "The Baheyeldin Dynasty"?

Well, I got asked that question by more than one person in the last week. One of them even asked if I am descended from the Pharaoh of Egypt and hence the dynasty!Well, no. I don't think I am descended from Pharaohs. My ancestry on my father's side is Syrio-Arab, and Circassian. On my mother's side it is Moorish. You can see more in the ancestry section.So, what was I thinking when I called this site the Baheyeldin Dynasty? Actually, it was a spur of the moment decision, and had to do with the fact that me and my brother decided to adopt my father's personal name as a family name. We even took a photo with all the people having a surname of Baheyeldin at the time (me, him and my two daughters). You can see the photo here.So, there you have it.