Pictures of Khalid snorkeling and spearfishing

These are some pictures of me while snorkeling and spearfishing.

I started out with this basic elastic rubber powered spear gun, but switched to a shorter compressed air spear gun later.

Here I am floating on the surface. When you are snorkeling, this is what you will do most of the time. The salt water pushes you up, and you float effortlessly. You exert more effort trying to go underwater than just staying on the surface.
As you can see, the sea water pushes you up, as you can see my feet floating upwards. I am pointing to a fan shaped coral.
And here I am with some brain corals. Note that a T-shirt is necessary because the blazing sun on your back for a few hours will cause serious sun burns, specially when you are soaked in salt water. They also protect a bit from fire corals, and when the upside down jellyfish are in season.



These are beautiful

These are beautiful pictures. I have snorkeled many times in my life but never spearfished. Looks like I have something new to try!

Don't tell me u don't use a

Don't tell me u don't use a weight belt brother... it should make the diving part MUCH easier.

Plus, if you want to catch the larger fish, you gotta hover on the bottom for quite a bit, and without a weight belt ur just gonna struggle and waster you oxygen.

Just a tip :)